World's Best Waterfalls For Kayak Lovers: Top 10 Waterfalls

World’s Best Waterfalls For Kayak Lovers: Top 10 Waterfalls

Year after year, intrepid kayak makers discover new wild and hair-raising waterfalls in the most remote corners of the world. But there are still the absolute classics on the scene that keep popular wanderers returning to the hot kayak areas.

The sight of a small boat rolling over the edge of a foamy block of white water is not for the faint of heart – Dean Jackson But he doesn’t let that stop him, which is exactly why he is one of the best athletes who can be found regularly at the world’s largest waterfalls.

Dane Jackson knows the feeling of heavy drops

© Lucas Gilman / Red Bull Content Pool

Returning from his last voyage, daring five colossal drops in five days in the Pacific Northwest, he now reveals his target list of the 10 most brutal, bewitching, and awesome drops on the planet.

1. The fall of the soul

Heavenly Soul Falls

© Callop Grady

It’s not the highest, but this remote waterfall is definitely one of the most scenic, with crystal clear waters and in the midst of dreamy surroundings. This waterfall should be on the top of every kayak bucket list especially for beginners!

The drop itself brings with it some challenges that make it exciting every time and it taught me things in the past that I could apply to other situations around the world. There is no person in this sport who has not heard of this spirit or wants to experience what it means to be thrown from this waterfall.

2. Murchison Falls (right channel)

  • Height: 15-18 m

  • Site: Uganda

Murchison Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world

© Oliver Sadlasik

It is considered one of the most powerful and famous waterfalls in the world and the main section is not navigable due to its huge size. On the right, however, a canal breaks off from the main arm, which turns into stunning cliffs with lots of water – and looks doable!

Whether someone will someday dare is still in the stars, because the big problem awaits only after the descent: the river becomes very shallow and there are a lot of crocodiles and hippos waiting in the shallow water. You will have to get out of the water immediately after landing, but if you leave the boat involuntarily, it could end badly.

3. Tomatoes

Dane Jackson goes down to Tomata Falls in Mexico

© Alfredo Martinez / Red Bull Content Pool

Another popular kayak destination awaits you in Mexico: This Mexican beast has an almost perfect drop and is located in one of the most beautiful canyons in the world. It’s ideal for everyone who is slowly approaching big drops and wants to get better.

It goes completely vertically over the edge, after which you can either climb through a scary gorge or venture over the next waterfall, which is one of the wildest waterfalls in the world. There are very few waterfalls that I ride over and over again, but Tomata is so perfect that I drove it seven times in one day.

4. Twisted pleasure

In the depths of the forest

© Alfredo Martinez / Red Bull Content Pool

With this waterfall, the challenge is not waiting at the drop, but on the landing. After a quick, winding approach, the water literally spits you out on the narrow ledge. It is one of the largest sections of the waterfall in the world.

The Jalacingo River lies deep in the jungle and is home to a plethora of tiny, yet imposing drops. Twisted Pleasure is in the middle of a mind-boggling 4-point streak, and if you want to tackle this section, you have to be prepared to scare the scenes, but also one of the best runs of your life.

5. Outlet Falls

Outlet Falls: Are you brave enough?

© Austin Jackson

This is one of the best so-called “Park and Huck” falls – a place you can simply hike again after landing and do it over and over again. Outlet Falls is one of the absolute classics with a lot of fun that doesn’t involve any major risks.

However, the great hike can be stressful on your nerves – the clean drop makes the Outlet Falls an annual steady date in the spring for many kayaks. You can either approach the waterfall directly or stop just before landing to allow the foot to dangle over the ledge for a moment – but be careful: if you miss, you’ll be stepping back – this is NOT recommended!

6. The lioness

  • Height: 21 m

  • Site: Chile

La Leona remained undeveloped for a long time due to its extremely narrow entrance to the strait. Last year, Aniol Serrasolses, his brother, and another canoe succeeded in what had long been considered impossible in the kayak world: the first ascent, which now opens the waterfall to the rest of the world.

Chile has always been one of the best kayaking destinations in the world, and a place I love returning to again and again. Due to the extraordinary challenge, stunning landscapes and unique entrance to the fjords, La Leona is now at the top of my list!

7. Apica Falls

Abiqua is a true photo-perfect waterfall

© Ray Shirley

At a certain altitude, it becomes very difficult to find perfect waterfalls, but this is an exception. Abiqua Falls is without a doubt one of the most beautiful waterfalls in existence, in one of the most beautiful locations in the Pacific Northwest. But the drop is high and very high, so you can’t be wrong!

You should have a lot of self-confidence and not under any circumstances should you drop the line, because the road is long. When I jumped into Abiqua Falls for the first time last year, I thought I broke a hand on my helmet (I’ve been wearing a cast for two weeks) – but I didn’t care because I was so excited.

8. Rainbow Falls

  • Height: 27 m

  • Site: New Zealand

Rainbow Falls are also on Dane’s roster

© Director

New Zealand is also one of the most popular kayaking destinations in the world, and this waterfall looks like a first-class drop with enough water in it. The wide ledge, large pool below, and height make it a promising choice for the future.

I only visited New Zealand once as a kid, so I need to come back as soon as possible to get close to the waterfall and its character. I don’t know if anyone really did the drop, but it’s definitely high on my list!

9. Alexandra Falls

At Alexandra Falls, the earth literally swallows you up

© Callop Grady

When you are venturing with big drops like this, there are countless dangers and so much falls that you just cannot escape. At Alexandra Falls, you can enjoy an impressive view before the earth literally engulfs you. It is one of the greatest places I have ever visited.

When the river is deep enough, a line that limits perfection opens in the middle. You hardly feel any lead, the lips roll evenly, there is shallow water at the exit and no caves.

10. Undiscovered waterfalls

  • Height: In a different way

  • Site: Indonesia

Indonesia and its unlimited potential

© Reinhard Findling

In Indonesia, I can’t pick a specific waterfall … at least not yet. But from what I’ve seen, there is unlimited potential for clean, great waterfalls – which is why Indonesia is one of the absolute hotspots for me right now!

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