Beckmann misses points, Zindele's enduring luck

Beckmann misses points, Zindele’s enduring luck

In the main race in Bahrain, 20-year-old David Beekman (Hagen) of Shahruz’s team did not reach the points on Sunday in 12th place.

Sakhir (SID) – Light and Shadow among German Junior Formula 2: David Beckmann (Hagen) opened his first season in the first-class infrastructure on Saturday in the third and seventh places in sprints – in the main race in Bahrain, 20 years came from the Sharuz team and did not register 12th place on Sunday.

It was even more difficult for newcomer Lirim Zendeli (Bochum / MP Motorsport). On Sunday he had an accident due to no fault on his part in the third corner, had to dig for repairs and was the last to finish the race.

It was similar in sprints on Saturday. Zendeli finished first in ninth place, and due to the reverse net rule, he took second place on the net for the evening tour. There, too, he suffered tire damage without any fault on his part and was then unable to finish the race.

On Sunday, Chinese youthful Renault driver Zhou Guanyu (UNI-Virtuosi) won races by Liam Lawson (New Zealand / Hitech) and Oscar Piastre (Australia / Prima).

Beckmann (20) and Zendeli (21) were teammates at Trident in Formula 3 last year and finished sixth and eighth in the tournament. They jumped into Formula 2 and thus succeeded Mick Schumacher. The 22-year-old won the title there last year and is now competing with Haas in Formula 1.

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