World Rugby Sevens 2023/24 – Hong Kong, China: France fails in the final against New Zealand

World Rugby Sevens 2023/24 – Hong Kong, China: France fails in the final against New Zealand

After Los Angeles in March, the French rugby sevens team played another final on the international circuit. A shock that finally turned to benefit New Zealand champions (7-10).

In this extraordinary final, there were tears during the national anthem, smiles also in the stands, but above all, the intensity of the high-level encounter between the team that will play the final. Paris 2024 Olympic Games At home and the defending champions are in this stadium, packed to capacity.

The meeting was at the event level.

With such intensity that the two teams regrouped in the first half with a negative result. The French were very attacking, but it was New Zealand who scored the first try of the match. Scott Curryin the corner and 4 minutes before the end, gave his team the “push” they were missing. codemiro fi The score increased after a few minutes and a try Varian Baskett On the siren nothing changed in the end.

The All Blacks seven-year-old claimed the double, with the Blacks Fearns also beating the USA (7-36).

However, the Blues will be able to congratulate themselves on another successful weekend and an almost error-free campaign. Only one defeat to Fiji in the group stage and a string of good knockout matches.

“New Zealand played a very tactical, strategic and analysed game Jerome Daret In a press conference after the match. We knew what we had to do but we struggled a little bit. This final will definitely be beneficial for us, and we will analyze it well. These matches will continue to help us get what we want to get, i.e. the best metal. “The most important thing is to learn from our mistakes.”

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Before Los Angeles, the French 7s had not won a title on the world circuit since 2005. They were not far from The third historic title In their history.

In addition, the French national team Guaranteed to finish in the top eight From competition. Reward is synonymous with The grand final in Madrid Next May and Qualifying for the 2024/25 World Rugby Sevens Championship.

A good omen just months before Paris 2024. The rugby players will meet at the Stade de France from July 24-30.

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