And in New Zealand, Kiwis now have their own hospital

And in New Zealand, Kiwis now have their own hospital

Multiple media, incl from right to left And ParisianRepeat it, this Friday, France Press agency : New Zealand has just opened its first hospital dedicated to kiwis, endemic birds with long beaks. Endangered, the kiwi population began to increase, which prompted the opening of this veterinary institution.

“The more Kiwis there are, the more likely some will need help.”

“The more Kiwis there are, the more likely it is that some will need help,” said Njeri Sullivan, coordinator of the Kiwi Coast Society, which built the rehabilitation centre. “We wanted to make sure stressed New Zealanders got the care they needed “The Ministry of Environmental Conservation told AFP that this is the first hospital of its kind in New Zealand. The hospital is run by volunteers, and has successfully treated its first patient even before its official opening. Previously, injured or sick birds had to be moved for at least an hour to receive treatment.” Some of them did not survive the journey.

About 26,000 kiwi are in the wild

This structure was built in an area with a population of about 10,000 brown kiwis. In New Zealand, about 26,000 kiwis live in the wild, 1,000 more than in 2008, when they were considered a vulnerable species. “But without sustained effort, the brown kiwi could easily become endangered again,” said a Department of Conservation staff member.

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