World Cup: French referees Frappart and Turpin kept the rest of the competition

World Cup: French referees Frappart and Turpin kept the rest of the competition

Among the French who will be able to enjoy the World Cup in Qatar a little longer is not only Didier Deschamps, his players and their supporters. There are also Clément Turpin and Stéphanie Frapart, the central French referees selected for the competition, as well as Turpin’s assistants, Nicolas Danos and Cyril Grengor.

According to a list published by FIFA, 16 “first team” referees, but also 30 assistants and 5 video referees have been released by FIFA for the rest of the World Cup, of which there are only eight matches left to play with the four. quarters, halves, minor finale and finale. Among the surviving 20 regents are Clément Turpin and Stephanie Frappart.

While Frapart became, during Costa Rica and Germany, The first woman to officiate a World Cup matchThe other two main referees, Salima Mukansanga and Yoshimi Yamashita, were not selected, although they were among the seven central referees who were not called up for any match during the World Cup as head referee.

Controversial Bakary Gassama referees barrage from Algeria and Cameroon to his name At the heart of Samuel Eto’o’s obsession against an Algerian videographerwas also released, as well as New Zealander Matthew Conger, who will undoubtedly go down in World Cup history as the first to deny a goal after the final whistle of the match. Unfortunately for the French, it was Antoine Griezmann’s match against Tunisia.

At the moment, the judges’ teams are known in the first two quarter-finals. Croatia and Brazil will be led by England’s Michael Oliver, Argentina and Spain’s Antonio Mateo Lahoz.

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