In the shadow of Victor Wimpanyama, Hugo Besson, son and grandson of basketball players J.A. Vichy, the NBA dream

In the shadow of Victor Wimpanyama, Hugo Besson, son and grandson of basketball players J.A. Vichy, the NBA dream

Showing Olympic calm in all circumstances seems to be Hugo Bison’s credo. That evening, on the floor of Halle Vacheresse, the Mets’ No. 25 approached the free-throw line when a Rouen choir supporter tried to distract him: “Hugo, open fly.”

Strictly speaking, the young player scored two of his throws before taking a mischievous look towards the stand. At the age of 21, nothing seems to be bothering the back of Ile-de-France club who have no time to lose.

Hugo Besson, No. 25 of the Metropolitan – Photo: Gregory Gomez

In the shadow of Victor Wembanyama, Hugo Besson is playing his first season in Betclic Elite and hopes to only spend a short time there. “I have no intention of staying here forever,” the young player asserts. “My goal is to have a great season to put all the chances in my side.”

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“My goal is to have a great season with Metropolitan 92 to put all the chances in my side.”

Hugo Bisson (Major cities 92)

Crowned as the top scorer of the Pro B tournament in the colors of the Saint-Quentin team during the 2020-2021 season, Hugo Besson had only one dream: to step on the most prestigious NBA courts and play “in the best world league, although I will not spit on a career in the Euroleague.”

Hugo Bison at the free-throw line – Photo: Gregory Gomez

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With a long experience in French basketball, his grandfather, the former coach of Jeanne d’Arc de Vichy, does not hide his admiration: “He threw himself into basketball.”

“He is above all else seeking pleasure and that’s what he does. That’s what I’m most proud of.”

Paul Beeson Follow Favorite

Fun as a leitmotif…and determination also because Hugo Besson did not hesitate to go to the other side of the world, in the midst of a period of confinement, to compete in the Australian Championship with the New Zealand Breakers franchise.

Hugo and Jean-Paul Besson – Photo: Gregory Gomez

“After his good season at Saint-Quentin, he hasn’t received any interesting offers from France’s elite clubs,” explains his father, Jean-Paul, who is now an assistant coach at the Metropolitan.

“He answered the call from the New Zealand club, and said to himself that he could be a great gateway to the NBA.”

John Paul Beeson (Hugo’s father)

Hugo Bison, NBA, rubs shoulders in June 2022 during the Draft, an annual ceremony that grants the possibility to recruit talent from around the world by franchisees.

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“It was a long and frustrating night because the Milwaukee Bucks ranked me last when I was expected to move up the rankings,” the youngster asserts.

“It was hard at the time but I used that experience to look back on it. It was a blessing in disguise.”

Hugo Bisson (Major cities 92)

Under the orders of Vincent Collett, coach of the Metropolitan and coach of the France team, Hugo Besson did not give up on his dream: “Levalois is a club that will not play in the European Cup this season. So it is time to work more with the Mets physical coach and prepare my body for the NBA.”

Hugo Besson on the floor of Halle Vacheris in Rouen – Photo: Gregory Gómez

For the rest, Ile-de-France’s No. 25 seems to tick all the boxes if we’re to believe his grandfather: “He’s capable of passing, controlling the game, dribbling and not just putting up baskets.” A complete player, he scored thirteen points per game this season and had three assists in just over 23 minutes of playing time.

Together with Victor Wimpanyama, who is declared number one by all orange ball specialists in the upcoming NBA draft, Hugo Besson continues his professional coaching career. “I have rarely seen someone who has worked so much, however, players, I have seen some in my career,” Jean-Paul Besson admits.

“I’ve rarely seen someone work so hard and yet I’ve seen some players in my career.”

Jean Paul Bisson (Hugo’s father)

An everyday investment that can pay off and allow the young playmaker to reach the trophy. “I don’t want to go to the States to polish the bench, but if I have to go through it to enjoy the game, it doesn’t matter,” he explains, realizing the difficulty of making way for the sun.

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Surname: Besson, First name: Hugo – Photo: Grégory Gomez

If the basketball gods are with him, then next season Hugo Bison can make his big debut in “the best league in the world and when he steps on the floor of the NBA for the first time in an official match, he will definitely remember the day” when he was a young winner of the standard for a young basketball player, Almost ten years ago in Orlando, he met Evan Fournier, now a player for the New York Knicks. His childhood dream…

Text and video: Martial Delecluse

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