World Cup 2023. The former All Blacks believes South Africa lost to Ireland on purpose

World Cup 2023. The former All Blacks believes South Africa lost to Ireland on purpose

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stickers for Quarter-finals The 2023 Rugby World Cup is gradually taking shape, especially after the clash between Ireland and the Southern Springboks, which resulted in a victory for the XV du Trèfle last Saturday (13-8). Ireland Now he has a very good chance of finding New Zealand In the next round, andSouth Africa To face France.

Did South Africa want to avoid the All Blacks?

He conducted the interview with Radio New Zealand Sinsformer All Blacks fly-half Steven Donald The response was made a few days after the meeting. Which was 4H Opening the New Zealand semi-final in 2011, before becoming the Blues’ executioner in the final, after the withdrawal of Carter, Slade and Cruden, questioned the true will of the South African team.

As the site indicates SA Rugby MagStephen Donald has already suggested the idea that world champions could have one You lose more or less voluntarily Against the Irish in order to finish second in the group…and thus avoid New Zealand in the quarter-finals:

Basically, don’t you think the South Africans asked themselves the question: “Do we want to play the All Blacks in the quarter-finals?” I think they don’t want to go that route.

Steven DonaldThe former All Blacks fly-half

South Africa must find France

This version of Stephen Donald was not really appreciated in South Africa. Completely logical. Some netizens point out A disrespect For Ireland, they prevailed in an impressive match, to say the least. This is what Stephen Donald admits, however.

“It was a brutal match, wasn’t it? It was everything you could hope for from a match.. It could have been the final. “There was the same intensity and the same quality,” admits the former player, now older 39 years old.

Steven Donald against France’s XV, in October 2011, during the World Cup final. (© Aikon Sport)

As for the hypothesis that South Africa wanted to choose its opponent, in this case the French XV, for the quarter-finals? Regardless of their bankruptcy scorers, It is difficult to point fingers at a lack of intensity on the part of the Springboks. As a reminder, if the latter wants to become world champion again, he will undoubtedly not escape Reunion with Ireland Or the New Zealand. Sooner or later.

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