Rugby World Cup: “Very dirty”, “trash”, and a warning in the middle of the night…and New Zealand violently criticizes the players’ accommodation

Rugby World Cup: “Very dirty”, “trash”, and a warning in the middle of the night…and New Zealand violently criticizes the players’ accommodation

The New Zealand press reported on some of the events that occurred during the All Blacks’ stay in France during the recent Rugby World Cup (8 September – 28 October).

Following revelations of the knife attack on the wife and daughter of All Blacks coach Ian Foster, the New Zealand press has echoed the fresh turmoil experienced by Pacific rugby players during the World Cup finals in France (8 September – 28 October).

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According to the investigation he conducted New Zealand Herald, the All Blacks’ first hotel, located in Créteil, offers far from ideal conditions. A 4-star establishment on paper, but the newspaper wonders “if it deserves even three stars.”

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The daily speaks of a hotel without air conditioning (despite the high temperatures), without a reception room to organize meetings and/or team briefings and, above all, unsanitary conditions: “The kitchen is so dirty that the All Blacks chef is cooking,” Wallace insisted. They had to clean it for three hours before agreeing to work there, according to the investigation.

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The article also covers the night of September 7 to 8. While the Blacks had to face the Blues at the Stade de France in the opening match a few hours later, the lack of air conditioning combined with the intense heat forced some players to sleep in the hotel corridors, on their mattresses. Furthermore, the night was disrupted by the fire alarm going off around 3am.

And the New Zealand Herald To point out that these circumstances can have repercussions for the athlete. “The French national team players certainly could not bear all this and slept comfortably in their air-conditioned and soundproof rooms.” The Black team lost the opening match to the Blues (27-13).

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Another stay, another disappointment. New Zealanders also stayed in Lyon during the World Cup. “In that base camp over there,” he writes New Zealand Herald”The promised swimming pool was not completed, and looked more like a concrete shelter, with garbage on the surface of the water, and traces of rust accumulated from the rain.”

However, according to the newspaper, World Rugby has also removed its first black hotel, in Créteil, from its list of establishments. In fact, after players from the Pacific region passed, the International Federation realized that it was no longer reaching sufficient standards.

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