World Cup 2023: France and New Zealand that make mouth water from the start

World Cup 2023: France and New Zealand that make mouth water from the start

It was multi-star chef Guy Savoy who sparked discussions. Putting New Zealand in Group A at the end of the lottery, the celebrity chef designed one of the most beautiful posters ever. The triple world champions (1987, 2011 and 2015), whose 15th World Cup joys France were known as their greatest sorrows, included a colorful spectacle of the Blues that President Emmanuel Macron demanded not to be present at the ceremony. More than the final victory.

But where do you put these appetizers on the list that will see France also face Italy as well as a country from North America and Africa that has not qualified yet? In the room of the Palais Brungniart, Antoine Dupont who attended the draw interrogated his friend in Toulouse and in the French squad Romain Netamac at his side. “The public would necessarily like to see France and New Zealand in the opening match. But it is too early to talk about that. In any case, you will have to face the Blacks at some point during the group stage.”

“In 2011, things didn’t go well”

So Claude Atcher, Director General of the Organizing Committee, provided the first element of the response. “I would be personally happy if we could start the World Cup in France-New Zealand. Moreover, the Stade de France officials ( Editor’s note: The box in which the opening match will take place Think to himself.” Immediately before the weighting. “We must now discuss with coach Fabian Galthe’s staff who will have the right to scrutinize but not the right to veto.” The latter “ensures that each team is treated fairly while maintaining” in a linear way the allure of this World Cup.”

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What are the sporting stakes for facing the Blacks, a global standard that the Blues have not beaten since 2009, so early in the competition? What is the benefit of facing Italy in the opening? “The last time we faced black people in a team match was in 2011, and it didn’t go well ( Editor’s note: defeat 17-37), DuPont notes. But then we ended up in the final, which means we did really well. “

As for cross-alpine training, which is still pretty much dominant this fall at the Stade de France, couldn’t a troublesome party like Argentina in 2007 play against the 15th of France in the opening match? The coach at the time who became the president of the federation had his own idea. He was leaning on the belated confrontation. “That allows us to prepare for less difficult opponents, and that doesn’t offend them. And behind you, you have a fourth match that allows you to prepare for the quarter-finals if you’re there. The answer will come in February 2021 when the schedules are known.”

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