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Wonderful – Eiffel | MDR.DE

Huge forests, romantic towns and villages, the last active volcanoes with their activity still boiling deep in the earth, the blue crater lakes – the Mare Islands, surrounded by lush green meadows, ancient castles on rocks and stormy heights, crystal clear streams and rivers winding through a still intact landscape, Wild cats, beavers, deer, foxes and wild boars that feel comfortable in their homes, national and nature parks that exude a touch of freedom and adventure, all this in the Eifel.

It is located in the far west of Germany between the Bay of Cologne and the Moselle to the north and south, as well as Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Rhine River to the west and east. The Romans were already here and sometimes built their country houses with underfloor heating. Trier and Aachen are not far away. Every connoisseur of cold water knows Bitburg and Gerolstein.

Axel Bulthaupt goes on a journey across the Eiffel Mountain in a new episode of his series “Sagenhaft”. He experiences landscapes with magical images never seen before. A film with amazing aerial shots.

He meets the people who shaped the country and those who shape the country.

In the forests of North Eifel he meets a ranger and participates in logging. He goes on an exploratory tour around the Rursee and is a guest at Kasselburg near Gerolstein, with its birds of prey station and wolf enclosure. At the Nürburgring, he meets the most famous gas station attendant in the area and bravely gets into the car with which he wants to conquer the Nordschleife. At Lake Lasher, he learns all about the bubbles in the lake and the volcanic activity in its depths.

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The Mouse Trap Museum in Nyroth houses a unique collection of traps from around the world. In Broome he learns a lot about Charlemagne, the Church of Salvatore, Jesus’ sandals, and the Big Bang of 1949.

The Eiffel Mountain is a magnificent landscape, wild, often free and untouched, full of surprises. The film is full of great discoveries, with unique images and very special people.

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