Women’s World Cup: National coach Inka Grings in an exclusive interview

Women’s World Cup: National coach Inka Grings in an exclusive interview

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“There is nothing hotter” – Natty’s coach wants to write football fairy tales at the World Cup

So far, the national team has been unbeaten in four matches under new coach Inka Grings. The World Cup is upon us now. Grings still believes in successful heroism.


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Inka Grings has been the coach of the Swiss women’s national team since the beginning of the year.

20 minutes / Marco Zanger

  • In the summer, the Women’s World Cup will be held in New Zealand and Australia.

  • In Group A, Switzerland meets New Zealand, Norway and the Philippines.

  • In an exclusive interview with 20 Minutes, Inka Grings talks about the championship, goals and Lia Wälti.

Inka Grings, why are you watching the Women’s World Cup this summer?

The World Cup is the greatest thing in football. All the world class countries are there, such as Brazil, Germany, France, Spain and of course there are also the Swiss. It will be a football festival.

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Especially the match against hosts New Zealand?

There is nothing hotter, if I may say so. Of course we want a whole cabin. All that goes along with it, whistles and acknowledgment – for greater stimulation and greater propulsion. These are the feelings I love.

Switzerland is one of the favorite teams in Group A. What is possible?

My goal is to get as far as possible. But of course Norway is very, very good. New Zealand have an interesting team where you don’t know how they will handle the pressure. The Philippines are the underdogs. But they are not there because they won the lottery. We have been warned.

Alicia Lehman has recently been convinced to do well. This strike in Aston Villa training has gone viral.


When will the tournament be successful?

I don’t think men have ever reached the quarter-finals of a World Cup. That would be greater. If we get past the group stage, which is our goal, anything is possible in the knockout matches.

Why is the national team really good?

The national team is very healthy and very harmonious. While harmony is sometimes dangerous, it can also mean extreme relaxation. But we don’t have that. Also because we have pushed the competition. Inexperienced players showed established players that they could not rest. If we can be more tactically disciplined, we don’t have to hide from anyone and we are allowed to dream.

In 2023 there was no victory yet and there were only two goals.

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If you don’t score goals, you won’t win. Defeats bother me and I will never accept them. But I think we’ve done very well in a very short time. We have to work to achieve gains and become more efficient in front of the goal.

Lia Wälti was badly fouled here and injured. But she should be fit again by the time of the World Cup.


Who should score the goals?

A lot of players, so it’s not easy to calculate. For example, we have Anna Maria Krnogorsevich. She has that attack instinct. Or Alicia Lehmann, who scored several goals at Aston Villa. With Fabien Homme and Serena Jubilee, we have two players who have had a fantastic season and scored the most goals of any Swiss player. I think we’ll have some and we can add more, which gives me confidence.

Will there be a surprise in the World Cup squad?

I’m not happy with the way the season is going for some guys, so I’m definitely keeping the squad and venues “open”. During the preparation, you need to decide who will come with you. Whoever wishes, in the interests of the team, can torment himself and go his own way.

How relieved did you feel when it became clear that Captain Leia would be fit for the World Cup after the horror faux pas?

I watched the scene 35 times and knew it could have ended much more dramatically. However, the situation was dire – especially for her. Fortunately, I was able to contact her quickly and she was able to give me a clear first word. Maybe it was the worst for her in the beginning. We are pleased to welcome you in June.

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