Women’s World Cup 2023 |  Bundesliga leaders Schatzalexiu shoots against Bayern Munich

Women’s World Cup 2023 | Bundesliga leaders Schatzalexiu shoots against Bayern Munich

The German Football Association announced the provisional squad for the Women’s World Cup today. Al-Ittihad is disappointed by the club.

The 2023 Women’s World Cup begins in Australia and New Zealand on July 20. And the German national team will meet a month earlier, on June 20, and prepare for the tournament. But some players will still be missing in the beginning of the preparations. “Unfortunately, contrary to the agreements reached at the beginning of the year, one of the clubs decided not to release its players by June 20 as agreed,” national teams sporting director Guti Caczialexiu said in a press release.

Five players arrived late

The club is FC Bayern Munich, and the players will not be released in time for preparations to start and will only travel on June 23. With Caroline Simon, Clara Ball, Sidney Le Mans, Lina Majol and Lea Schuler, there are five women from Munich in the DFB squad. According to Schatzialexio, the absence of the German champions’ players has a “significant impact on readiness”, which is why he is “disappointed” with the club.

“We are still in talks until yesterday evening to find a solution that would benefit the team and all the players,” Chatzialexio continues. However, no solution was found that both parties agree on.

Bayern defends his decision

The club then defended its decision. “We have explained our reasons to the Football Association very thoroughly, both verbally and in writing. We have taken this new decision not to release Bayern Munich’s national players to the German Football Association until June 23, mainly in view of their health,” the Munich team said on Wednesday. At the request of the German news agency.

Bayern explained, “The cancellation date of June 23 is a recommendation of FIFA and the European Club Association. Chelsea FC also plans to cancel its German international matches on June 23.”

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