Women in the German Federation: defeat against the Netherlands with worsening impact – the national team – women’s football – football

Women in the German Federation: defeat against the Netherlands with worsening impact – the national team – women’s football – football

Clara Ball put her hands on her hips, her eyes wandered into space, her face pale: The Bayern Munich striker was thrown into the field on Wednesday evening.CoilIn Venlo, the symbol of involuntary disappointment in the first defeat of the German women’s team after twelve successive victories.

For the first time after the 2019 World Cup quarter-finals against Sweden (1: 2), the DFB women lost again to the Netherlands (1: 2). In the end, the 20-year-old Clara Ball launched so many tickets that she felt mainly responsible for it.

Clara Paul is close to crying

She was about to cry, but she had to pass the day. National coach Martina Voss Tecklenburg said. Of course, the former world striker didn’t want to blame the Black Forest woman who trained at FC Freiburg: “Sorry, the girl is still very young. I assume she will be cooler in front of the box in a year and a half.”

Incidentally, the same shortcoming also applies to her Munich club colleague Leah Schuller. Only Frankfurt scorer Laura Freelang, who refined the best move to 1: 1 (44) met before the end of the first half. After an annoyingly weak first half, that goal was him “Restorer knot”, As said the outside man who was replaced upon break. The 23-year-old said when she got out of the bathroom “It looked great, we deserved a draw at least once: I would have given Clara or Leah more than one goal.”

Marina Hegring and Lena Majol disappear

But the opportunity lord could have a good thing, too: When German footballers returned to their clubs after another coronavirus test on Thursday from Dusseldorf, they got richer in a valuable experience with the vision of EM 2022 in England.

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The high-ranking German federation officials at the Venlo site, General Secretary Friedrich Curtius, Director Heik Ulrich, and Treasurer Stefan Osnabrug should have seen: endurance tests like the three-nation tournament – which aims to jointly bid the 2027 Cup world – achieve Progress regardless of the outcome, because in many qualifying matches for the European Championship or the World Cup, the differences in performance in women’s football are still very large.

“Only in games like this can our players develop further.”Voss-Tecklenburg insisted. The next test – if the pandemic permits – will be on April 10 in Australia, which together with New Zealand will host the 2023 Women’s World Cup. Then there will also be Marina Hegring and Lena Majol, who both hold leadership positions at Bayern Munich and the national team – but are now absent due to injury.

Merle Frohms also has important experiences

Busy goalkeeper Merle Froms also showed how important the Netherlands game was. The 26-year-old is determined to defend her usual place until the European Championships against Almuth Schulte, who is fighting to call again. Overall, the Eintracht Frankfurt goalkeeper showed solid performance, but caused some weaknesses and insecurities in the foot. “You will learn a lot from this game. “Voss Tecklenburg said.

That was the theme for the insightful evening anyway. “We had a big discount with high individual quality. Then you have to pay the hardships every now and then.”The jubilant national coach, knowing full well, explained that above all, the brilliant striker Vivian Miedema from the center of her young defense with Lena Oberdorf, 19, or Lena Latwin, 20, or Sophia Kleinhorn, 20, who was replaced early with a sore head. Sophia Kleinhorn, 20, showed impotence.

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First Dzsenifer Marozsan and Sara Däbritz go underground

The 53-year-old still wants to analyze in detail why the German team, in a deadly mixture of fear, respect and negativity, was initially unable to reach the vice-world champion and Europe. It was at this point that the two leaders hid Dzsenifer Marozsan (Olympique Lyon) and Sara Däbritz (Paris Saint-Germain), both of whom were highly regarded in France.

“We slept in 35, 40 minutes.”, He complained about Wolfsburg Captain Alexandra Pope, who once again set the tone for the fight. Your teammates remember the spirit of resistance at the right time, but despite good German morals,Orange lionessesAfter goals by Jackie Gronen (16) and Daniel Van de Donck (61) the upper hand.

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