The first infection in months: New Zealand reports another case of Corona

The first infection in months: New Zealand reports another case of Corona

The first injury in months
New Zealand reports another coronavirus case

In the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, New Zealand is a role model: the island nation takes drastic measures early and thus prevents the virus from spreading. There have been no new infections in months – yet. Yield tested positive.

In New Zealand, a local infection with Corona was detected for the first time in more than two months. As announced by the health authorities in the country, Corona virus was found in a 56-year-old person who had returned to New Zealand from a European trip a little less than a month ago. She took the Corona test ten days after the mandatory two-week quarantine expired after entering the country.

The 56-year-old returned from a four-month trip across Europe on December 30. According to official information, she mainly stayed in Spain and the Netherlands. After entering, she was quarantined for two weeks in a quarantine hotel, which she left on January 13th. Two tests for corona on the woman during her isolation were negative.

The authorities said that the woman had symptoms days before the positive Corona test. After they were released from the quarantine hotel, she and her husband also traveled for several days through Northland North Auckland and visited about 30 different places. Contact tracing is now in full swing.

New Zealand Health Minister Chris Hipkins told reporters whether the lockdown would be necessary after tracking down the Corona case. The origin of the infection and the strain of the virus remain unclear. According to the authorities, it is now being verified whether the woman was injured in the quarantine hotel.

A local corona infection was recently discovered in New Zealand on November 18th. It is only the second time that a coronavirus has tested positive for a return to New Zealand after completing a mandatory two-week quarantine at one of the provided hotels. In August, a man who had returned from India was diagnosed with a Corona infection – five days after he left the quarantine hotel.

New Zealand is one of the role models around the world in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Since the start of the epidemic, fewer than 2,000 infections have been detected in the country of five million people, and 25 people have died in connection with Covid-19.

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