Women in soccer: the fight for more visibility, women's football - women's football - football

Women in soccer: the fight for more visibility, women’s football – women’s football – football

As is well known, digital press conferences have one advantage: Sometimes these hypothetical events generate a greater reach than if an event was staged on site.

In any case, the German Football Association (DFB) was happy this week, with the response on Tuesday (9 February 2021) and the day after a round of talks with national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg about the German women’s team.Team And I got the Bundesliga Women’s Season Report presentation. Nearly 30 journalists across the country were interested in topics that might have attracted only half a dozen to the DFB headquarters in the frozen city of Frankfurt.

Attention is not an accident. In the catalog of actions initiated by the German Football League (DFL) ”War unit Future Profifußball “is the promotion of women’s football (point 14) and the advancement of women in football (point 15). So truly professional German football remains a cultural asset and fulfills its social responsibility,” she says at the beginningstatement, These two actions are necessary.

That’s enough, experts say

Ramona Studing, who represents the Women’s Football Network, or “F_in” for short, was one of 37 experts from a variety of specialist fields. “There was talk a long time ago, and now we must finally act.”, 43-year-old calls from fanBorussia Dortmund division in conversation with the sports show. “It’s about giving up football for its inhibitory position. In that respect, society is more advanced than football.”

Also Helen Brett, as our Curve’s first chairman War unit Active, urgently calls for more diversity. “It also concerns persons with disabilities or immigration history”, Confirms supporter SC Freiburg. “When it comes to this, I always realize how far behind football is.”

Men make decisions

Important decisions in German football are still being made by the men’s federations. “You just have to look at the German Bundestag: the majority of the delegates are men of advanced age. I do not want to defame anyone, but no segment of the population has been exposed.” Says the 33-year-old from Show Sports.

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Measures are needed to give more women access. The fan actor thinks stakes can also help with transitional playlists.

DFL and DFL – More employees than before

The fact that a third of the workforce in the German soccer federation is now women, up to 41 per cent in the German Football Association, is not enough. “Women are allowed to hold positions in marketing or communications or become auxiliaries in management, but the traditional roles remain at the top.”

In this context, Helen Brett always contemplates a Katia Krause quote. She once said it was easier to get your daughters to become a Federal Chancellor than to get a job in the Bundesliga.

Because the reality is that men occupy more than 95 percent of the decision-making positions in supervisory boards and first and second degree boards. Almost no women.

As of October 1, 2020, there was no woman on the board of a Bundesliga club. CFO Schalke 04, Christina Ruhl Hammers, worked with hamburger between 2003 and 2011. SV Katja Krause is only the second woman on board in Bundesliga history.

No coach can get into professional football so quickly

It seems difficult to include referees or coaches in this group. Referee Bibiana Steinhaus heard after the superGlass Last year and she only works as a video assistant on her own request. No woman whistles in the Bundesliga anymore.

National coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, who continues to serve as a member of the Supervisory Board in Fortuna Düsseldorf, does not believe that a coach in this country will gain a foothold in professional tournaments so quickly. “It’s still because no one else has done that. It’s still a very inner circle of people who have gone out of men’s soccer and stay in men’s soccer.” The 53-year-old says.

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The structures make it difficult

Women have always been predisposed to it but men’s soccer with its structures makes it difficult. Voss Tecklenburg, who has been linked with the German Football Association until 2023, has no intention of becoming the first coach in German professional football any time soon.

Even if many would trust her to do so: “I don’t have an idea to do something else in 2023. I’m not setting that on my own. If my team is doing well, I have another idea in mind. If we don’t do well, I’ll sell fish sandwiches.” The national coach said when asked by the sports show – that was mean with a wink.

Former national player Inca Greings made a short guest appearance with the men. In April 2019, she coached the SV Straelen regional league team, relegated, rose again, and finished in Summer 2020. The link. The 42-year-old took over as women’s coach at Zurich Football Club.

Al-Ittihad women are planning eleven international matches in 2021

DFL and DFB have at least recognized that the Trusted Comprehensive Program includes both gender promotion; That is why both football organizations, which want to stay behind the scenes, also want to work constructively together. Existing structures should be strengthened, but kept intact.

In other words: in addition to the women’s national team, the women’s first division will remain under the umbrella of the German Football Association. Here, Christian Seifert, president of the German Football Association, announced intellectual games to the public in a panel discussion, perhaps to market the women’s upper division – this plan is not on the table after resistance from the Football Association.

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Attractive aliens should help

But how can the vision be enhanced? Voss-Tecklenburg still sees the best way to do this through attractive international matches, which continue to attract the largest audience in women’s football – especially to the big leagues.

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