woman today.  Anne Cecil Siophany

woman today. Anne Cecil Siophany

At the top and disdain

This is a distinction that almost went unnoticed. For the first time, last weekend, a Frenchwoman was named the 2021 World Rugby Sevens Women’s Player of the Year by World Rugby, shattering Australia and New Zealand’s dominance in this category. Silver medalist at the Tokyo Olympics this summer with the blues, Anne-Cecil Siovanni (27) succeeding New Zealander Robbie Toei, who crowned in 2019. “It is a huge thing, it proves the correctness of all the work done, Highlights The person whose father, Walter Sioufani, a hammer throwing specialist, participated in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and the Cameroonian mother, Jin Ngo Minimik, at the 1988 Seoul Games (weight and disc) . It is a great honor for me to be among those players who celebrated rugby. ” Prestigious award but obviously not enough to deserve the honor the team, Who preferred to top his title over the title of best player in the world, which was awarded to his compatriot Antoine Dupont the next day. In a tweet full of corruption, the AC Bobigny 93 player recalled the sport daily, with a smiley face, and attached the front page to the Toulouse half: “Hey @equipe, I was wondering if I had the right to a small place.” Place, it is the social networks that endowed him with many messages of support and indignation. A lack of consideration illustrates the long struggle that women’s sport has yet to achieve in order for its true value to finally be recognized.

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