Baresi is ready for the last time

Not being able to end his international career as he would have liked, Sergio Baresi recently confirmed that he is ready to wear the Italy shirt during his final season as a professional.

Sergio Baresi is not ruling out the idea of ​​wearing the Italy shirt for the last time. Third row in 142 matches with Squadra Azzurra, ending his international career at the last World Cup, in 2019 in Japan, with a final against New Zealand. However, due to the passage of Hurricane Hagibis over the archipelago, the meeting had to be canceled entirely. A scenario that caused a lot of frustration among the players who play with Toulon in his last season as a professional rugby player. From this frustration came the idea of ​​a recent appearance with the Italian national team in front of their fans in the upcoming Six Nations Championship, which will see Italy host England on February 13 and Scotland on March 12. The final selection will take place just over two years after the last selection, on 4 October 2019 with a defeat in South Africa.

Call Parisi Bakroli

In an interview with the specialized site in rugbySergio Baresi has confirmed his intention to live one last match with the Squadra Azzurra before winding up downhill. ” I’m back in 2021 and then things went differently for more important things than rugby, captured on this occasion the third line of 38 years. corn I never denied that I wanted to wear the blue shirt, as long as I was in good shape. When asked if there was any contact with Italy coach Kieran Crowley, the answer was clear. “Yes, but everything still needs to be defined more precisely, adds the La Plata native in Argentina. My availability is total. I hope I can play. After recovering from a hand injury, Sergio Paris will have to find a good level with Toulon to salute the Azura team.

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