With which team plays in the top 14?

With which team plays in the top 14?

Having secured his ticket to Saturday’s Top 14 against Bayonne, Biarritz will have to move quickly into next season. With obvious reinforcements (including opener Brett Heron and second half Thomas Copley) and a new coach on his side (Barry Maddox). The hard part begins.

The night was short. Or more specifically, it never stopped. Biarritz Olympique, who triumphed in a poor derby as he gasped against Bayonne, celebrated his return to the Top 14. First on the field, then on the beach with the family on Sunday afternoon, in the sunshine. It must be said that Biarrots went through all the emotions before winning at the end of the thrill and penalty shoot-out in a rare full and boiling Aguiléra container. However, after the festivities, questions will come quickly. How will BO be able to compete in the first division? With any boosts, don’t you take the lift or have a tough season like Agen? Obviously, time is running out before the next season opens, two and a half months later.

“We will do with our means and convictions, as President Jean-Baptiste Aldejee explains to RMC Sport. Several commentators have made it clear that this team can never be in the top 14, and that we are going to fall back against the top 14 in this play-off. I saw no gap. In 25 categories…there is a lot of rugby, but what matters is the belief that we’re a group, the way we really are and we’re going in the same direction.,maybe not very academic at all levels of the club, starting with me…we’ll play our luck.Low budget out of the top 14 but we will proudly go on to represent Biarritz and give the best possible.”

Barry Maddox on staff

On the cast, along with Sean Sorbie, a new strongman will arrive this summer to make up for the departure of Nicolas Nadeau in Grenoble. This is Barry Maddox, who will be responsible for the backlines. The arrival of the Welshman is complete. Among the players, here too, the Basque leaders have already made good progress but have not completed their recruitment. Argentina international superstar Thomas Copley will be one of the highlights, as will the English opening half of Harlequins Brett Herron, not to mention versatile second row Josh Tyrell, and Agenais third row Antoine Erbani or column. Poor Zakaria.

Other recruits will follow in the coming days or weeks to join a group that will continue to draw on elements of his experience, such as New Zealander Frances Selye and England captain Stefon Armitage, the weekend champion. At the beginning of September, Biarritz will jump to the deep end for 14th place. Another world, even more competitive. “Three years ago, we embraced the BO issue that relegated to Federal 1, Aldigé recalls. And in three years, we have put BO where it needs to be in people’s hearts, namely in the Top 14. We are the little thumbs that just opened the door. We are very happy And very proud. The Biarrots team has given us so much happiness and proved that Biarritz can have a professional club while we’ve heard so much in the past six months that it wasn’t…”

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