Government to save, should we go abroad?  All Scenarios - OA Sport

Government to save, should we go abroad? All Scenarios – OA Sport

The future of the America’s Cup is very uncertain, especially after news of The difference between Team New Zealand and Yacht Club That the owners of the old pitcher refer to. The two sides have different visions regarding the organization of the next edition of the oldest sports competition in the world: Kiwi wants to move from Aucklandto consider the proposal of about 60 million euros made by the national government small; RNZYS aims to stay in the Hauraki GulfThis fueled the local economy after last winter’s campaign was inevitably affected by the health emergency.

Yes it is Possible legal action is rumored By Royal New Zealand Yacht, even if these are just rumors at the moment and the actual stamped papers haven’t been reached. However, it has been confirmed that the climate is hot and the situation is very complicated, also because in four days, the time window available for finding an agreement between Team New Zealand and the government to keep the America’s Cup in New Zealand waters will expire. A turning point can come Tuesday, June 15, when there will be a demonstration meeting between the Grand DaltonThe CEO of the association who is able to raise the trophy of 100 Guinness to the sky, H Aaron Young, Commodore of the yacht club to which the kiwi is referring.

The meeting will officially update the club on the progress of negotiations with the government, but it is clear that the foreign hypothesis will also be discussed and at this point there will be a very strong push and pull. Also because it is not likely that more generous economic offers will arrive from the institutions in the next few hours. we repeat that The America’s Cup is a sailing club eventندية, who rely on the teams to try to return the coveted trophy. RNZYS relied on Team New Zealand (Emirates sponsored their final season in the Hauraki Gulf), Circolo della Vela Sicilia focused on Luna Rossa last winter (losing the final to Kiwis after they worried in the early part of their ‘final chapter’), chose the Royal Cowes Yachting Club In London the company Ineos UK.

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Rear Admiral Young identified: “The Yacht Club is the guardian of the America’s Cup, but there is an agreement between the club and our team, the New Zealand team, and so it’s really a decision that we make together. We’ve always said we’d like the event to be held in New Zealand, and I don’t think we’ve kept any secrets. We have to work through this process and see if it is possible, there are many opinions. We will work together to try to get the best result, not only for the event but also for those of us who have to defend the America’s Cup.“.

In 48 hours we will know more, but in the meantime, the location and time of the next edition of the event has not been determined. The Isle of Wight hypothesis in the summer of 2023 seems increasingly alive 20, to the delight of Ineos Uk, the standard challenger. Without forgetting the delicious scenarios of the Middle East from an economic point of view. Luna Rossa is waiting to know, but the Italian federation has already confirmed that he will take part in the next edition: he is just waiting for the details to be able to take on the challenge after standing in front of the kiwi in the last three months before .

Photo: Credit ACE Studio Borlenghi America’s Cup Press

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