With the ending of this sci-fi gem revealed, we wonder how viewers managed to wait 4 years for part 2 – Actus Ciné

With the ending of this sci-fi gem revealed, we wonder how viewers managed to wait 4 years for part 2 – Actus Ciné

Focus on the final part of “Back to the Future”, and this wonderful suspense that left all viewers speechless in the 80s.

SPOILER – WARNING, THE ARTICLE BELOW DISCLOSES POSSIBLE SPOILERS. If you do not want to know its content, please do not read the following…

In October 1985, under the leadership of visionary director Robert Zemeckis, and backed by the shock duo Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd's Back to the Future revolutionized the world of science fiction and popular culture.

Introduced by instantly recognizable characters, a script of incomparable effectiveness, sequences of unparalleled creativity and inexplicable magic – a magic that is difficult to describe and worked miraculously throughout its plot – this first-rate entertainment has left its mark on minds for hundreds of good reasons.

But today let's focus specifically on the last two minutes of the film, which were so exhilarating and exciting that they had viewers pinned to their seats when the feature film was released in theatres.

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End of the movie

After managing to escape in 1955 by speeding through Hill Valley at 88 mph behind the wheel of his DeLorean, Marty McFly also managed to save Doc from Libyan terrorists, and even ensure that his father finally became a well-known author. In short, all's well that ends well, and the young hero is about to go with Jennifer for the weekend when suddenly… everything changes again.

A loud sound accompanied by several flashes of lightning was heard on the street, and the DeLorean appeared out of nowhere. The Doctor, who has just returned from a little trip to the future, comes out and tells Marty that he must immediately accompany him to 2015 to help the children he will soon have with Jennifer.

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Unbearable waiting

“Where we're going we don't need a road.”The scientist then says cryptically once everyone is on board, before making the DeLorean fly away under the stunned eyes of Marty, Jennifer, and the audience. Then the car hurtles toward the camera and suddenly disappears to make way for the end credits, punctuated by the irresistible song Go back in time By Huey Lewis and the News.

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And that's it! Those who experienced that moment in theaters, nearly 40 years ago, all remember it. Others imagine it very well.

At the end of this incredible journey and this true slap in the face to cinema (which ends with the exhilarating “To be continued”), Back to the Future achieves one final feat: implanting an immediate idea into the brains of all its viewers. An irrepressible and contagious question: “But when will the second part of this marvel be released?”

This sequel, as wonderful as the original film, finally forced the audience to wait 4 long years. In fact, it was only in 1989, with the same sequence recreated to perfection (because Jennifer's translator had changed in the meantime), that spectators were finally able to return… to the future.

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