Slift and Avi Mana, Espace Julian's conquest of Marseille

Slift and Avi Mana, Espace Julian's conquest of Marseille

Titles of the latest opus million In fact, they have a heightened sense of epicness, which is sometimes diminished by little lulls, layers of meditative synths, and a hum. However, the song that will captivate the audience the most comes from the previous album Amon, the obvious “lions, tigers and bears”; The constant, furious rush in which we lose all our friends; We find them again for the duration of the heartbreaking chorus, and then we return to them. Given the obvious enjoyment the group feels in rehearsing live (on stage, we constantly reiterate their enthusiasm for performing in Marseille), we understand that Jean told us, in a recent interview, that the group is working on their next releases in shorter formats, which will undoubtedly focus their quick effectiveness on shaking up the crowds. .

Because you still have to be a little annoying: during the debriefing of the spontaneously organized aperitifs after the concert in the haunted house, the controversy wags tongues, like the images shown throughout the show. Two camps opposing each other. One, made up of almost everyone, I love the hypnosis they do, and the overall experience they allow; The other, consists exclusively of a couple of assholes angry at Big Radio, believes that, apart from the graphic style not really affecting them, the publication of images in itself creates a kind of artificial screen in front of the musicians, somewhat shortchanging the relationship they can develop with spectators. They actually plunge them into a forced, passive meditative state. They also facilitate sound proportions: the impressively large gaps that music provides between harmoniously heavy notes, abstract calms, and explosions of percussion can seem diminished by visual unity, whether in color, luminosity, or pattern… Being able to compare with an ensemble Entry festivalwhere the video could not be played due to a technical problem, and the extreme simplicity of the scenography gave an amazing intensity to the music and its edits… and images that were a little more pleasing to our photographer who regrets a certain uniformity here.

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