With free access to the outdoors, this modern marble walkway is a first in the Cotentin!

With free access to the outdoors, this modern marble walkway is a first in the Cotentin!

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The showground in the new Fermanville Recreational Area (Manche) will be open to amateurs, young and old, from the beginning of the school year. (© Nathalie BONNEMAINS / La Manche Press)

The municipality of Fermanville (Manche) will present a nice back-to-school gift for the pupils of the public school Eugène-Mahaut and for the residents, which takes the form of a completely reconsidered recreational area, this is the first in Quentina display board whose evocation is already causing a tingling in the hands of many hobbyists.

The latter, the big boys, see this as an opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere PlaygroundsThey wring their hands at the idea of ​​finding themselves in this unique spot in the region.

Belodrome, but not only …

Basically, the pleodrome was not included in the plan of the municipal team, which undertook to carry out a complete redevelopment of the recreation area, historically located on municipal land behind the town hall.

But, evidently, the idea of ​​creating this new generation plywoodrome, at the suggestion of the architectural firm responsible for the realization of the entire complex, is tempting. This entertainment space will be equipped with fitness Based on BodyBuildinga ping pong table, a bowling alley, a multi-sports field that meets the expectations of the teaching staff, play furniture for the little ones, and a playground. picnic.

Marble circle on a high-tech countertop

The unit for marble practice comes in the shape of a custom circle, molded in a specific type of paint, suitable for heavy use and practicable in all weather conditions.

Therefore, the municipality has worked for several years to reform the recreation area, with the aim of providing a safe and inclusive place, with a wide range of intergenerational activities in an exceptionally landscaped environment which is being developed and provided by the local landscaper and nurseryman of Gateville-le-Var, Thierry Marais. .

Planned opening at the beginning of the school year

affiliate Business Very important already on the site for several weeks, with many means of comfort Suitable for leisure and relaxation activities, with a pedestrian path Revised to make it more accessible to everyone helpless.

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Thus, there is a new impetus for this recreational area, which will become a welcoming and enjoyable place open to all, which is scheduled to open and open in Take up 2023/2024 September. This investment is funded in part by to divideunder the Rural Investment Fund mechanism.

From our correspondent, Nathalie BONNEMAINS-GEISMAR

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