Valenciennes.  “Reluctantly,” the arrested caregivers prepare for their return

Valenciennes. “Reluctantly,” the arrested caregivers prepare for their return

It has been just over a year since this unqualified caregiver from Valenciennes was suspended because she did not want to be vaccinated against Covid-19. “A year in which I have no salary and am not entitled to unemployment, nor in RSA“, you say. Although, “no regret“:”I suppose. I have convictions and I will always defend them (…) And if I have to find my job, I will do it because I have a certain seniority that allows me to have a fairly comfortable salary“.

“Apart from my colleague,
Nobody supported me

Because the Minister of Health announced the return of caregivers who were suspended after the green light from the High Authority for Health, but also because the obligation of caregivers to be vaccinated against Covid 19 was canceled and the Assembly voted against the advice of the government (on the proposal of the parliamentary group of France Insoumise), presumably That this caregiver at EHPAD in Valenciennes can soon return to her position. “But it will be reluctantShe adds.Apart from a colleague with whom I worked in pairs and who always called me, no one supported me. While I fought for all employees, for bonuses and salaries“.

I’ll be back to do my job and that’s it“, adds the person who – instead – was able to work for nine months in a children’s home.”I wanted to continue, but it just wasn’t possible. I will find my job as a nursing assistant (…) For me, the nursing staff who will take a dim view of the return of employees who have not been vaccinated against Covid are just jealous, people who lack courage. In life, we always have a choice. did me. They say that we are conspirators and conspirators (…) but I believe in Marie Curie’s vaccines. For me, Marie Curie is science. But Covid, for which we found a vaccine in two months, is not science, it is an experiment. And I’m not a guinea pig (…) I didn’t see myself doing a fake job either, when I had the chance to keep working. I couldn’t look myself in the face, it would have been against my convictionsspecify.

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For us, it wasn’t automatic, and we don’t trust this governmentadds her husband. Showing that for some caregivers, this decision not to vaccinate against Covid-19 was also dictated by political attitudes. “Herein lies the problem“, estimates Remy Kasprzyk, President of the Liberal Nurses Association in Haino, who is well aware that the reintegration of suspended caregivers will be a complex topic to manage in practice.”We touch here on a small minority, as well as on the phenomenon of protest. Many people confuse politics with public health. Some people confused the whole thing (…) Because the vaccination campaign had to be orchestrated by public authorities, some saw it as a political act. De facto, some caregivers who don’t like Emmanuel Macron, or who have mistrust of his politics, don’t want to be vaccinated.“, he thinks.

What is worrying about this story of reintegration is that we will end up with people who don’t trust scientific institutions. I know colleagues are against this replay. I get it because a caregiver who doesn’t report scientific facts is potentially dangerous (…) Science is not belief (…) During the vaccination campaign, we’ve seen everything and anything: biased and misinterpreted studies on supposedly escalating lung disease. As if there was 5G in vaccines … It was really confusing (…) But today, since the Covid period, we find ourselves with a movement against vaccinations that has already grown. I see this every day with some patients. It’s like going back 200 years: we have to re-explain everything like when vaccines were discovered“, continues Remy Kasprzyk. With this debate, the president of the Liberal Nurses Association in Hainau considers that science is misused by social networks, taken hostage “By populism, whether on the far right or even the far leftAbove all, he does not see the reintegration of suspended caregivers as a solution to strengthening a failing health system in terms of staffing.This is pure demagoguery. Because these outstanding caregivers are just a small handful. There are a lot of solutions that could be put in place but this is clearly not one of them (…) and these caregivers who have mixed science with politics have nothing to contribute“.

The Hospital Federation provided the total figure of 4,000 professionals suspended in hospitals out of a total of 1.2 million agents. or 0.3% of employees. (Illustrative image)

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