WindTre announces that the Iliad is going crazy with an unlimited promotion

WindTre announces that the Iliad is going crazy with an unlimited promotion

Summer promotions continue and this time, WindTre is beating the competition with the Go Unlimited Star+, tariff plan with Unlimited Giga.

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Mobile phone dedicates summer to High level promotions. WindTre, Iliad, Vodafone and Very Mobile challenge each other with incredible performances. In August, WindTre announced the madness of competitors by proposing Go Unlimited Star +, The best rechargeable rate at the moment.

WindTre . winning idea

is called Go Unlimited Star + The winning tariff plan for the summer months 2021. Checkmate has been awarded to Flash show 120 of the IliadAn excellent solution for those who want to surf the Internet at a cost of less than 10 euros. Orange has managed to defend itself very well against its French rival by offering a 7.99 euros.

Go Unlimited Star + includes unlimited minutes to all landlines and mobiles, unlimited SMS and – drum beats – Unlimited giga internet. To activate the offer, it will be necessary to request the portability of numbers from other operators (Tim, Iliad, Vodafone) and pay an additional fee of 10 euros. Activation, then, can only be completed by going to one point of sale scattered all over Italy.

Other active promotions in summer 2021

Voice and Internet offers do not end with Go Unlimited Star +. You can activate online, for example, Medium 5G limited edition €12.99. The offer includes unlimited minutes, 200 text messages, 50 GB of internet with priority 5G traffic, blocking services and surcharges and paying with Easy Pay. The large version of the offer adds 20 GB and thus reaches 70 GB each 14.99 € The XLarge option costs €16.99 and includes unlimited gigs for three months. Always wanting to own it Unlimited giga It will be necessary to choose Unlimited 5G at a cost 29.99 euros.

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WindTre Opportunities for Under 30s

Younger people can choose between two promotions, Young 5G e Young + 5G. The first offer includes unlimited minutes and texts, unlimited GB on apps and 80 GB to use as you wish. In addition, there is a ban on additional services and fees. All for €11.99 per month. The Young+ 5G, on the other hand, differs from the previous offer of gigabytes to use at will, up to 100. The cost, in this case, is 14.99 € Per month.

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