A graphic glitch caused the humor to be delayed, were the problems almost solved?

A graphic glitch caused the humor to be delayed, were the problems almost solved?

New message from Blue Box Games Studios, authors up Who decided to go into detail about the technical problems that forced her to postpone the release of the teaser.

Here is the message posted on Twitter:

“We ask everyone to calmly wait for the update. We understand your frustration. We are 100% real and working on a game we strongly believe in. Here is what happened: We had several issues with the game engine that came up at the last minute after a graphic bug was discovered. So we decided to move on. In the update and we almost passed, as the testing phase is nearing completion. We want to thank everyone for their patience and apologize for the inconvenience.”

So the delay seems to be due to an issue that would not have prevented the app from working, but would have definitely broken the immersion in it, and since it is a title with an atmosphere of horror, it is understandable that the decision was to fix glitch in drawing before connecting to the Internet. The post also specifies that the update is in a file Final stages of the exam It is not excluded that the correction will arrive soon.

In the meantime, there are still many doubts about this issue and there are those who believe that Postponing the abandoned teaser is just a marketing gimmick. To make matters worse, there is a recent case post by Hideo Kojima who quotes obliquely deserted, sparking rumors about the true nature of the project.

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