Wild weather: heavy rain, winds of up to 130 kilometers per hour, and thunderstorms

Goodbye summer and hello winter weather – For this week at least.

Heavy rains and storms with speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour, snow, thunderstorms, cold temperatures and All 10 meter waves are on the cards From Tuesday. By Wednesday, it will look more like April than January, according to Weather in Newa |.

The cause of the wild weather is an active front that is expected to move across southern and central New Zealand from the Tasman Sea during Tuesday.

It is preceded by a strong and moist northwestern front, followed by an unstable west-southwest flow, MetService Says.

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Get your raincoat on, it will be a wet week in many parts of the country.  (File photo)

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Get your raincoat on, it will be a wet week in many parts of the country. (File photo)

weather Warnings and watches Across much of the country on Tuesday, including warnings of heavy rains in the Westland mountain ranges south of Utera. As well as the headwaters of Canterbury and Fiordland lakes and rivers.

Strong wind warnings have been placed in Marlborough, Wellington, Canterbury High Country and Hawke’s Bay south of Hastings, Tararua and Wairarapa on Tuesday.

Strong wind hours are also present in Southern Lakes, central Otago and in Dunedin, as well as Fiordland, and Southland west of Invercargill until Tuesday evening.

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MetService released torrential rain watches for Mount Taranaki and Nelson west of Takaka Hill, the Tararua Range, Westland Ranges from Utera north and Boller, and the headwaters of Otago Lakes and Rivers.

Thunderstorms may also appear in places with MetService Stating on the internet The weather over the South Island is expected to become increasingly unstable Tuesday morning.

There is a high risk of thunderstorms in Fiordland and Westland during the morning, with moderate risk of thunderstorms occurring in Buller. According to the forecast, these thunderstorms will have the potential to bring heavy rain of 10-25 mm per hour and hail.

Weather warnings and hours are in place for most of the country on Tuesday.

Screenshot / MetService

Weather warnings and hours are in place for most of the country on Tuesday.

In Westland, there would also be a risk of very heavy rain in excess of 25 mm per hour, strong winds of up to 90-110 kilometers per hour, and possibly a possible small local hurricane. MetService says that while in Fiordland, there is also a possibility of strong winds of 90-110 km / h, or maybe even stronger.

Heavy waves of 6-8 meters are expected around the south and west coasts of the two islands from Tuesday to Thursday, as a result of a long period of strong southwest winds over the Southern Ocean.

“When these bumps are combined with strong southwest winds, waves are likely to reach 10 meters southwest of the South Island,” MetService meteorologist Peter Little Tell Things Monday night.

The stormy weather is also set to continue on Wednesday, with the forecaster warning of heavy rains for Buller, and northwest storms are likely to become severe over Fiordland, Southland and Otago.

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A cold change is also expected on Wednesday, with snow expected in the Southern Alps, and snow level dropping to 1,000 meters in Fiordland.

Severe northwesterly storms are also likely in Canterbury High Country and Marlborough, with the exception of the Kaikoura Coast on Wednesday, as well as Wellington and South and Ireland.

In major centers, Auckland residents can expect great shifts throughout the day on Tuesdays, with scattered showers and temperatures as high as 25 ° C. The northwest wind will be strong in open places in the evening. On Wednesday, the rains will subside all day and strong western weather is expected. An expected rise of 21 degrees Celsius.

An ominous clouds formed over the earthquake-damaged Catholic Cathedral in Christchurch on Tuesday morning.

Joseph Johnson / Staff

An ominous clouds formed over the earthquake-damaged Catholic Cathedral in Christchurch on Tuesday morning.

In Wellington, it’s a cloudy and humid day on paper. A strong winds warning was issued between 11 am and 9 pm, with MetService warning of strong northwesterly winds of up to 130 km / h in the open. A 20 ° C rise is expected. On Wednesday, it will be overcast, with northwesterly winds reaching 80 km per hour with an increase of 16 degrees Celsius.

In Christchurch, you can expect to have a cloudy day with some rain and a stormy northwestern afternoon. An expected rise of 26 degrees Celsius. On Wednesday, a similar cloudy day is expected, with northwesterly winds in the open, and a rise of 21 ° C.

In Dunedin there is a cloudy day on the cards with afternoon showers, and a high of 21 ° C. There is a strong wind hour until 10pm on Tuesday. On Wednesday, rain is expected throughout the day, with a low in the evening with a strong westerly and 18 ° C.

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High pressure is expected to travel across the country from the West later on Thursday and through Friday.

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