SpaceX Starlink launch: Watch live broadcast as the Falcon 9 introduces 60 satellites on Tuesday

The Falcon 9 will take off on August 30.


SpaceX will launch a batch of 60 satellites from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Tuesday, in what will be the first Starlink launch of this year and The second launch For Spaceflight Company Elon Musk 2021. If you want to watch live, we have what you need here.

The launch was originally targeted on Monday, but unfavorable weather conditions caused the flight to be delayed by 24 hours. SpaceX is Now targeting launch time From 5:23 AM PDT (8:23 AM ET) Tuesday, Jan 19.

It will be the sixteenth launch of Starlink, Huge satellite planets designed to transmit broadband across the worldThousands of small satellites envelop the sky. The launch also aims to set a record in missile recycling. The Falcon 9 booster used in this mission will be B1051, which has already set a record seven times. It will aim to improve its performance and then land on the unmanned vessel Just Read The Instructions stationed in the Atlantic Ocean about 10 minutes after takeoff.

If successful, it would be the fastest makeover of the Falcon 9 among flights. Musk said he would like to increase the number of launches for SpaceX in 2021 and the recycling and reuse of the B1051 could herald an increased launch pace.

SpaceX Each launch loads live via webcast You can find that below. Streaming starts about 15 minutes before launch, so set it early.

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