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wild New Zealand

Flowing geysers, enchanting primeval forests, tranquil fjords and glaciers: New Zealand is unrivaled when it comes to the diversity of its landscapes and wildlife. But what happens when the humans and animals they bring with them invade New Zealand’s paradise? What if the living conditions of kakapo, tuatara, kiwi and giant locusts were completely changed after millions of years of natural balance? What if European weasels were decimating the flightless species that lived only in New Zealand long ago? How can New Zealand’s own indigenous zoologist and plant survive? And who will win this battle? New Zealand today is not only home to the kiwi, kea, weta and wikkaral – it is also home to plants from all over the world, blackbirds and birdsong, brown trout and voles from abroad. They all, in one way or another, drive the native animals of New Zealand out of their habitats. However, in modern New Zealand, new alliances are also being formed. Giant trout, for example, specialize in killing mice when crossing a body of water. Nature changes almost everywhere on the islands. Some of the original species of animals and plants are alive, but many are on the verge of extinction, such as the extremely rare Chatham flycatcher or the flightless parrot, the kakapo. Protected as the crown jewels, a few nocturnal kakapos live on Codfish Island, a small island in southern New Zealand. Fat parrots have a strange reproductive behavior: only when the remo tree bears enough fruit – and this happens about every four years – they begin to display courtship. Then the kakapo’s “bang” emits drum-like sounds that attract females. How parrots can be saved and whether recent conservation efforts are paying off are pressing questions that worry New Zealand conservationists. Wild New Zealand – Fight for Paradise offers insight into complex and clever rescues as well as new alliances that offer hope and show that New Zealand’s unique wildlife can surely be saved.

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