“Wild New Zealand”: a repeat of the nature series on TV and online

“Wild New Zealand”: a repeat of the nature series on TV and online

‘Battle for Paradise’: Where and when to watch the repeat of ‘Wild New Zealand’ nature series from Sunday (2 July 2023), either on TV only or digitally in the media library, read here on news.de.

Wild New Zealand at Das Erste Photo: ARD, via FUNKE Magazines

On Sunday (2 July 2023) “Wild New Zealand” was shown on TV at 1:15pm. Unfortunately, you haven’t been able to watch the Nature series on TV and you still want to watch Episode 3 of Season 1 (“Battle for Paradise”)? Take a look at the ARD Media Library. Here you will find countless TV shows that you can stream online after airing them as VOD. As a general rule, you will find the program online after the telecast. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all shipments. ARD broadcasts Kampf ums Paradies again on TV: Am 5.7.2023 around 3:05 a.m.

‘Wild New Zealand’ on TV: That’s what ‘Battle for Paradise’ is about

gushing geysers, enchanting primeval forests, tranquil fjords, and glaciers. New Zealand is unparalleled in its diversity when it comes to landscapes and wildlife. What happens when humans and the animals they bring with them invade Heaven? What if the lives of kakapo, tuatara, kiwi, and giant locusts changed completely after millions of years of peaceful coexistence? What if European natives decimated the flightless natives across the board? How can New Zealand’s own native flora and fauna survive? Who will win this battle? New Zealand today is not only home to kiwis, keaweta, and waikaral. It is also home to plants from all over the world, blackbirds and finches, and brown trout and voles from offshore. One way or another, they are all displacing New Zealand’s native animals from their habitats. However, in modern New Zealand, new alliances are also being formed. Giant trout, for example, specialize in killing rats when crossing a body of water. Nature changes almost everywhere on the islands. Some native species of animals and plants survive, but many are on the verge of extinction, such as the extremely rare Chatham flycatcher or the flightless parrot. And kakapo, too: Sheltered like crown jewels, a few nocturnal kakapos live on Codfish Island, a small island in southern New Zealand. Fat, flightless parrots are extremely rare and have strange reproductive behavior: only when the resin of the remo yew has produced enough fruit, and this happens about every four years, do kakapos begin a courtship display. The males then make drum-like sounds intended to lure the females. How they could be saved and whether modern conservation efforts are bearing fruit are still burning questions that worry New Zealand conservationists. The ‘Battle for Paradise’ installment of the ‘Wild New Zealand’ nature documentary series provides insight into complex and intelligent rescues, new alliances that offer hope and show that New Zealand’s unconventional wildlife can certainly be saved. Nature filmmakers take advantage of all the technical improvements of “Wild New Zealand”: the camera glides seemingly weightlessly through beech forests and southern trees, over giant glaciers, wide river valleys and steaming geysers, using cranes, mini cameras and a still camera to capture haunting views. But they are also extraordinary. The time-lapses show the liveliness of the magnificent landscapes throughout the seasons, and the intense slow motion allows the human eye to see the behavior of animals that take place in milliseconds: they include, for example, the fights of sea lions or the jumping acrobatics of hundreds of dark-spotted dolphins, overflowing By joie de vivre. Underwater excursions to the depths of fjords and breathtaking landscape shots from the air, along with an atmospheric soundtrack, complete the grand narrative of the secrets and natural treasures of islands at the other end of the world. (Source: ARD, quoted by FUNKE Magazines)

All information on Wild New Zealand at a glance

consequence: 3 / Season 1 (“Battle for Paradise”)

Trait: fight for paradise

repeat: 5.7.2023 (3:05 AM)

in: ARD

production year: 2016

Length: 45 minutes

HD: Yes

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