Why was this app essential to me?

Why was this app essential to me?

During my last trip to Europe, I had to be hospitalized. To facilitate care, there is the European Health Insurance Card, which can be found on your smartphone.

Source: Robin Wycke for Frandroid

The trend is towards the dematerialization of identity documents. Driving license, ID card and soon the Vitale card: you will be able to carry everything directly on your smartphone. It's very handy in case you forget.

There is another document that you can now find on your smartphone: it European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

How to get your EHIC card on your smartphone

I am a concrete example. A few days ago, I had to stay in a hospital in Barcelona. That's when I realized I didn't carry my EHIC card with me. This is unfortunate, because it is easier to pay for medical care in Europe (EU, UK, Switzerland), such as the Vitale card in France.

Fortunately, this is where Ameli comes in. This is the official app for health insurance.

Among the many functions of the application is the possibility of accessing a digital copy of the CEAM. The hospital then asked me to get a screenshot of the card in question to send via email, which is a very simple procedure when the card is already stored on the smartphone.

Source: Robin Wycke for Frandroid

If you are planning a trip abroad, we highly recommend you order your European Health Insurance Card from the app or from the Ameli website. Then you just need to get the app and connect to your account.

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