This site allows you to find anyone through a simple photo in seconds

This site allows you to find anyone through a simple photo in seconds

In a few seconds, using a photo or webcam, it is possible to find web pages on which the face appears.

It must be monitored to protect it: Today, monitoring a person's online presence is important for controlling privacy and reputation. Few people have escaped exposure to personal information since the explosion of social networking. From photos to comments, everything can be found and dissected. Sometimes even without the Internet user's consent. However, a simple photo or even a published opinion can have serious consequences on a personal or even professional level.

To avoid this type of situation, it might be interesting to regularly check what is published on this topic. A simple Google search by typing her first and last name in quotes can help find her identity every time she is cited on websites or blogs. It is also still possible to perform a reverse image search in the US search engine. A device that allows you to know if an image has already been used on the web.

But there is a more efficient site. The latter is based on the same principle as image search. But thanks to easy recognition technology, it allows you to find a face on the web. It's very easy to use: just insert an image from your computer. In a few seconds, the site analyzes the face and reports every time it detects it on the web. Free to use, it allows you to see if a photo or user photo has been on the web and how often. The beginning of the links where the image was posted is also available.

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However, to access the full address, you will have to go to the checkout. You pay for a single search, but monthly and annual subscriptions are also available, including additional tools. With the first package, it is possible to perform 25 searches per day, in addition to configuring three alerts that warn the user when a photo with his face is detected. The higher plans also promise the service of sending deletion requests when you post a photo on it. Name of the site in question? Here it is:

Anyway, impresses with the results it gets. Especially regarding the possibility of finding a face in an image in the background. So much so that it raises concerns about the possibility of an overly nosy employer or even a stalker spying on other people. At this point, the site specifies that “the target of the PimEyes search engine is not individuals, but websites that are accessible to the public. What users can find using the PimEyes search engine is a public website that can use an image similar to the uploaded image to represent the search result.” Data that everyone has the right to see on web domains that are already accessible. The site also decided last October to prevent searching for images of children through its service.

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