Why Irish Sexton can play again on Saturday

Why Irish Sexton can play again on Saturday

While the decision to declare an Irish captain fit causes an uproar, World Rugby’s concussion protocol was followed literally.

Many fans have been concerned since the Irish crew announced on Tuesday that Johnny Sexton will be declared fit to play again next Saturday against the All Blacks, a week after he had to leave the field half an hour after taking a knock. From New Zealand, Sam Kahn.

However, Wolrd Rugby recently cemented his return to the gameplay protocol a bit more after a concussion, new measures applicable since 1Verse July. But this is accurate. When a player is taken off the field after hitting the head, they pass a test, HIA 1 (Head Injury Assessment in French, editor’s note), if there are no obvious symptoms of concussion (lying on the ground, having trouble regaining their senses… In these cases the player is considered injured spontaneous concussion). However, the international body specifies that this first test is not a diagnosis but a decision aid.

Sexton has passed HIA 2 and HIA 3 tests conducted by an independent doctor

Regarding Sexton, the doctors present at the match decided not to take him back to the field.To protect it but without any proven concussion‘, a source told us. What? After the match, the Irish captain successfully passed the much longer HIA 2 test, leading to the diagnosis. The test successfully passed Sexton.

He still had to submit to HIA 3, two days after the match. The independent doctor found, according to the Irish staff, there was no sign of a concussion. Then the Irish medical staff, who knew his player, considered Sexton to be fit to play without risking his health. Thus, the strict and specific return-to-play protocol was not circumvented. The Irish captain was allowed to play again on Saturday in Dunedin because he was satisfied.

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