Brest Brittany Airport: private flight to Dublin for the rugby match between Ireland and France

Brest Brittany Airport: private flight to Dublin for the rugby match between Ireland and France

Grégory Bot, Director of the Sports and Seminars Departments at the Visages du monde Sports Agency. © Dr.

a private trip Leaves fromBrest Brittany Airport and for Dublin Programmed byFaces of the Sports World Agencyto allow amateurs Football From the tip of Brittany to go blues support During the main match of Six Nations ChampionshipAnd the Ireland and FranceWhich will take place on Saturday 11 February 2023.

The flight will take off from Brest Brittany Airport on Friday 10 February at midday and return on Sunday 12 February in the afternoon. “Since the match is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, this will allow everyone to Quietly discover the city and its treasures while enjoying vibration amount escalateGregory Butt, Director of the Sports and Seminars Departments at the Visages du monde sports agency confirms.


For him, Ireland and France The The favorite ride for French fans, both for the atmosphere of Aviva Stadium but also for the city Dublinfor him bars their own faces.

It is a must for all sports lovers. Dublin is a very welcoming city, on a human level, which on weekends rocks 200% for rugby. A real experience!

Advance Agency packet With flights, airport transfers, two nights in hotels, and tickets to the stadium starting at €1,080 per person (meals and visits are optional).


Let’s remember thatFrench rugby teamLed by his coach Fabian Galthierhas been known for several months very positive phase. I just chained her up Ninth victory in a row In the first match of his Japanese tour, by defeating the Japanese team 23-42, Saturday, July 2, 2022, at Toyota Aichi Stadium. The Blues have not lost since July 17, 2021 (defeat in Australia 33-30), thus confirming their excellent 2021/2022 season, which was particularly marked by a clear victory over the New Zealanders on November 20 (40-25 at the Stadion. de France) and an impressive Grand Slam title 2022.

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The French public is not insensitive to this good pass. Whether in terms of the TV fans or the enthusiasm rocking the Stade de France in every match, the Blues fans of the Oval were also able to raise their level. A good omen before it hosts, at the end of 2023, the France World Cup in France.


But the most visible indicator of this progress in Popularity Ratings The fifteenth of Franceit’s the number of followers Present during the Blues’ matches abroad during the tournament.

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Around 12000 supporters French to Edinburgh Last February, then approx 10000 irreducible to Cardiff 15 days later. The demand is so strong for a weekend experience in an exceptional atmosphere that combines sports, coexistence and a complete change of scenery!

That is why our agency, Visages du Monde Sports, which specializes in organizing stays around sporting events, decided to charter a private rugby flight from Brest Brittany Airport in February 2023. Heading to Dublin. »

keep the show

A special flight also aligns with the aspirations of the teams at Brest Brittany Airport. “We are very pleased to be able to diversify the offer from Brest in this way,” says Claude Arbessad, director of the airport.

We want to provide the most complete offer, to allow Bretons to have a rich choice of their holiday plans or themed stays.

An initiative that if you find the expected success will not stop there.

“Our goal is to make this special trip permanent with Brest departing each year for Edinburgh, Dublin or Cardiff. We are convinced that the potential exists among individuals passionate about sports and companies that want to retain their customers, suppliers and employees,” concludes Grégory Bot.

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