Why does the singer not grow up!

Why does the singer not grow up!

Neue Zürcher Zeitung magazine wrote in 2019: “Pop music has proven itself as medicine for Cher,” and continues: “After a busy past, the lady in contemporary pop theaters does not look old or silly, but is relaxed and charming. The headlights, they shine all over her face, framed by a blonde, red or black wig. The cheeks and the long bridge of the nose are cleaned like receptive lips. (…) The facial features indicate that the skin is wearing a lot of makeup or is stretched here and there under scars Surgical interventions that cover normal caries. “

That was two years ago, and since then nothing visually dangerous has happened to Cher, whose real name is Cherilyn Sarkisian. Even when it comes to plastic surgery, she remains very calm. Unlike her famous colleagues, she does not deny any of the many interventions that had the shape of her body: tightening of the skin, a new nose and lips, a new chin, a smooth neck, smooth legs, a taut stomach, a large chest and so on.

She reportedly underwent the knife about thirty times and allegedly paid half a million US dollars for them. That along with the intense fitness training was part of her self-awareness. Paddling over her left her cool. She said, “If I have a breast plastic surgery on my back, that is my business.”

The pop icon sees itself as a “complete work of art.” She worked hard throughout her life on her inner and outer perfection. In her autobiography “The First Time,” she wrote that she wanted to be a star from a young age, the famous Cher. “When I was four or five years old, we saw the cartoons“ Dumbo, the flying elephant ”and“ Cinderella, ”she said to her,“ Spiegel ”in 2018. Her mother replied,“ Hey kid, you can’t be Dumbo, but you can be Cinderella “.

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