Why do women like to touch their breasts so much?  Science has the answer

Why do women like to touch their breasts so much? Science has the answer

Cosmopolitan Magazine's 2020 TikTok Video of Breasts Jumps to the Top in Views. The latter gives subscribers of the social network ” Breast science lesson » Extract the reasons why a woman feels better when touched.

In fact, it is not uncommon to see photos of celebrities like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner or Lizzo taking their luggage. the breast Sectional. Now we know the real reason!

Magic breasts

In fact, touching the senses triggers a releaseOxytocinIt is the so-called attachment hormone that is released at very specific times. It plays an important role, especially during this periodBirthBreastfeeding but also during intercourse. To activate it, simply stimulate the nipples. ” If you're feeling a little anxious, stressed or scared, click on it! » The narrator pointed out in the video.

Other methods for men

Those without breasts also have a way to enjoy the benefits of self-soothing! In fact, men have their own oxytocin production rituals… and it happens through their pants. ” Rubbing certain parts of your body (stomach, testicles, etc.) in a non-sexual way releases oxytocin » Dr. Babak Ashrafi, a sexual health specialist, confirmed… New York Post. A little tip though: Don't do this while presenting your work! “He laughed.

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