Reignac.  Georges-Rouquier's space is full of activities

Reignac. Georges-Rouquier's space is full of activities

The 11th “Cinema y Rural” days were held with a very large audience who expressed their appreciation for films from elsewhere such as “Our Suns”, a Catalan film; The Bolivian film “Utama” and the film “School at the End of the World” from Bhutan: He added: “This three-day experience with new and unknown films confirmed the desire of the association members to present artistic films in the village.” Refers to co-chair Jean-Claude Trebusque.

As part of the open house process, twelve students from the Georges Rouquier College of Rignac came to visit the museum dedicated to the director of Varebec and Becévari. This university initiative allowed these young people to discover films and documentaries related to craft professions such as coppersmith, wheelwright, farrier, and boilermaker…professions that young people today know little about. Middle school students watched a cool movie of their choice: “Welcome to Gattaca”: “This process is dedicated to the association within the framework of formal education, after the Ministry of Culture approved the space with a cultural card.” Defines co-chair Andre Benaben.

The association's volunteers will welcome other groups on April 21 of more than 70 people from Aubrac (Les vielles Bielles): “40 vintage cars will invade the village square… Drivers will stop at Place Georges Roquier for a cultural and cinematic break.” “, concludes Jean-Claude Trebusque.

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