Why did the sky turn a gorgeous pink on top of a science pedestal?

Why did the sky turn a gorgeous pink on top of a science pedestal?

It was an unusual event recently witnessed by the scholars residing in South Pole. A technician stationed at New Zealand’s Scott Base sky Fully pink. This explains it as a phenomenon from the rest, or “afternoon twilight” in English Futura Science.

This moment is as beautiful as it is unexpected, as it is currently winter in the Southern Hemisphere and the skies in Antarctica remain dark most of the time. This phenomenon also appears during the “sky of fire” at sunset. Sun, after a thunderstorm or a cloud of showers. The more particles in the atmosphere, the more brilliant the colors because sunlight will be scattered more.

A journey of several thousand kilometers

As part of the recently observed pink sky, aerosols, mostly sulfates, are believed to have come from the submarine volcano on the Tonga Islands. This predicted water vapor and dust during its last eruption, in January 2022. But aerosols can circulate for several months in the atmosphere. So it was only later in New Zealand and later in Antarctica that the sky changed color.

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These particles had a long journey, as the volcanic eruption occurred 7,000 kilometers from Scott’s base.

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