Repentance before the judges, but a strict Islam in detention

Repentance before the judges, but a strict Islam in detention

In this file photo taken on March 28, 2021, Emily Koenig is in the Roj camp in northeastern Syria, where she was held with other people believed to be relatives of alleged members of the Islamic State (ISIS). – Daleel Suleiman / Agence France-Presse

Story – In the middle of last week, 16 women were brought back from the Kurdish Roj camp in northeastern Syria.

Officially, in front of the investigating judges, they regret it. It was a mistake, they got lost. It’s back in every sense of the word. In general, this is what emerged from the first hearings Out of 16 women who returned home, in the middle of last weekfrom Roj Kurdish camp in northeastern Syria.

AttorneyEmily KoenigShe is a very active recruiter of candidates leaving for Syria, and one of the well-known figures of these jihadists, confirmed that her client has an intent to cooperate with the justice system and investigative services. “She is determined to explain her journey and has no intention of hiding anything.. She seems well aware of the predicament she finds herself in.says M.e Emmanuel Daoud, who met her as soon as she got off the plane. She did not appear in strict dress, did not ask for prayer, and did not refuse to shake my hand when we met. she was…

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