Why are you waiting for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris?

Why are you waiting for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris?

What if we start banning football stadiums or the Rugby World Cup ?

Recently calls for boycotts and vandalism began to spread throughout OJ 2024 in Paris. It’s beautiful, but far away. And because it is necessary to maintain pressure regardless Why don’t we put some pebbles in the bourgeoisie’s belts on the lawn today? ?

Since January, the country has mobilized against pension reform, and along the way, a convergence of struggles seems to be forming as power locks itself in under increasing authoritarianism. The latest episode in this series that reeks of tear gas: the approval by the Constitutional Council of the basics of a pension reform that the people decided to put back a layer with pretty wild demonstrations all over France.

But surprisingly, what caught my eye was the birth of a new hashtag #PasDeRetraitesPasDeJO Which leads to sabotage OJ 2024 in Paris. A great idea that will indeed allow the CEO to plunge a little more (if possible) into the international infamy, the world record at stake. In fact, the Summer Olympics are the second most watched sporting event on TV in the world (after the FIFA World Cup and before the Tour de France), they not only generate huge audiences but also huge revenues in terms of rights. television. Which means that not only do we show French displeasure to the whole world, we can at the same time cause the capitalists who choose to invest in sports to lose billions of dollars. Imagine the scandal if we decided to sabotage the marathon…

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The annoying point is that the games don’t start before July 26, 2024. 15 months to wait, because social mobilization is more than a long time. If we can take advantage of the country’s determination to hold out until then, we should find something to occupy ourselves with, or even warm up before OJ. The world of sports is full of social conflicts, and we recently got a glimpse of it Anti-Macron chants during the France-Netherlands match at 49H 1 minute and 3 seconds, a planned and expected action as it led to the cancellation of Manu’s national presence in the stands. And if that wasn’t enough, in terms of setting sporting events, we’ll remember the bittersweet episode that was UEFA Champions League Final 2022 It was staged in Paris (In Disaster) which would have the effect of making Gérald Darmanin and Amélie O’Dea-Castéra known by all Liverpool supporters as well as sacking the Paris police chief at the time Didier Lallement. And if we go further ?

From September 8, 2023 (that is, 4 months later), the Rugby World Cup will start in France. Fifteenth With the opening match between France and New Zealand. discount blues, famous all blacks, They will set up their base camp for the duration of the competition in Lyon. You see the New Zealand bus ban scenario ? You imagine ruining the training grounds ? You also think it’s possible to reproduce a more massive Zebul around stadiums than the one that caused the 2022 Champions League final to be delayed by 35 minutes when nothing in particular was going on. ? Of course, this is all possible: each team will have its own base camp across the region, and matches will sometimes be held according to rights. television All participating countries will have to make several bus trips to reach the stadiums. With a little organization, it’s easy to turn this World Cup into a nightmare for the bourgeoisie.

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4 months is already more likely as a deadline. But in the meantime, can’t we start organizing ourselves, or even testing the best possible pitch-blocking devices? ? It’s crazy, for more than 3 months we’ve been shouting like donkeys in the street and we haven’t yet thought of banning or banning events around stadiums like Olympique Lyonnais. However, it would be a powerful gesture: not content with an array of cameras on site, the French football championship is 687 million euros For the last season in the annual income of rights television. If football belongs to people in the collective imagination, in reality it is not. In addition to the millions of players, the ecosystem or even the glass sponsors, we have to face the reality: football has become optimized. With its 100-ball jersey, its players with automatic speeches, its security methods in stadiums, the World Cup in Qatar, its white stands, and the audience. CSP+ When they grow up, it will definitely be bold to talk about a popular sport. And the timing of the question, the season is on until June 3, 2023. You don’t have to wait to get started !

so what ? Maybe all of these episodes are wrong, but it seems clear that we have every interest in ruining these competitions or at least making the fight more visible with the army of cameras trained on these sporting events. Is it possible to disrupt the perimeter of the stadium and Ligue 1 matches ? Can the All-Blacks bus be banned ? Will you win before converting OJ 2024 in a revolutionary festival ? I don’t have an answer to these questions, but let’s try to provide them as soon as possible, below you will find the key dates and places to test your best sport sobriety techniques.

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