Did the missile privatization fulfill its promises?

Did the missile privatization fulfill its promises?

Launch into Orbit – The launch of the Starship marks the entry into a new dimension for private bombers

HoustonWell, we have a problem. »With the failure of the launch of the Vega C missile in December and the scheduled end of its lifeAriadne 5Europe, which has slowed the arrival of the Ariane 6 variant, will soon find itself short of launch pads. And with Virgin Orbit’s bankruptcy in early April, he condemned it LauncherOne task failedIt’s another way to send its own small satellites into orbit without relying on another dying nation. There’s still New Zealand’s RocketLab small launcher project, and SpaceX’s Falcon 9 for more traditional missions. For a larger view, it is also an orientation SpaceX You have to turn, with the first launch of the Starship expected on Thursday, after a delay due to technical issues. Therefore, the options are limited. Has privatized access to space delivered on all its promises?

“All launchers have failed,” says former astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, in an interview. 20 minutes. A way to quell expectations about the arrival of the next generation of missiles, whether launched from aircraft or by a super-bomberElon Musk. “The first three launches were failures,” he recalls, “and without an investor to fund the fourth test, Space X does not exist.” The American billionaire (…] Read more in 20 minutes

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