Where to find and capture Mammorest in Palworld

Where to find and capture Mammorest in Palworld

Gaston Cooney

Palworld's Mammorest is a towering mammoth-like creature that many players will want to tame – here are the locations where you're likely to find it.

As Palworld continues to break Early Access records on Steam, players are becoming more familiar with the vibrant fantasy world.

A core aspect of the experience focuses on finding and capturing creatures. Some players may consider the Pal Mammorst device to be among their most important discoveries, especially because of its diverse uses.

The Mammorest offers several uses, the most important of which is the ability for the player to ride it. Better yet, when installed on Mammorest, users should find that they are more efficient at mining and cutting wood. For those interested in researching this grass-type item, here's what you need to know.

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It should be easy to spot wandering mammoths in several areas of Palworld. They inhabit the northern, southeastern, southern, and some western regions of the map.

Their locations are marked in green on the map below:

Pocket pair

Mammorst can be difficult to capture even for experienced players. So, reducing it to a lower health level is the best way before choosing Sphere Pal.

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Naturally, Hyper Spheres can help greatly in this regard, as they allow users to capture higher level objects more easily. But since this upgraded form is not unlocked until level 27, players who have previously participated in the game will have to try a different approach.

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As a Grass-type item, Mammorest is particularly weak against fire attacks. Fire-type friends should be useful, as are weapons like the Fire Crossbow, which is unlocked at level 15.

However, players should note that Mammorest Pals will often appear near alpha bosses. Those hunting these mammoth-like beasts will need to remain on their guard at all times.

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