This innovative water slide at Palworld attracts players' curiosity

This innovative water slide at Palworld attracts players' curiosity

Ludovic Quinson

While building a brand new base in his mode, one Palworld player chose to focus on perfecting the design of a massive water slide, which quickly inspired many fans.

Palworld brings together hordes of players with Pokemon-style monster hunting elements, but the experience isn't just about catching friends.

The game's core building mechanics also prove important, allowing for resource management, housing captured friends, and much more.

So it's no surprise that players spend a lot of time thinking about where to build their bases and what to prioritize. For example, an early game base in a resource-rich area should do wonders for gathering materials. But for some players, the feeling of entertainment comes first.

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A Palworld player shows off a huge water slide

One genius Palworld fan recently shared a glimpse of his latest creation in a post on Reddit. While he intended to build a new base, he chose to focus on creating a massive water slide, and the end result was impressive.

In a short clip, Key2Life4Me_Improve takes off running from the top of its base, before sliding down a slope made of stone. The slide lasts a few seconds before he falls several hundred meters and lands in a small body of water.

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Sure, the chip at the base of the Palworld doesn't offer much in the way of practical utility, but at least this guy looks like he's having fun.

And just look at the comments of other players who were simply impressed by this creativity.

One Reddit user commented: “Today I learned that I need a water slide at my base.

Another player wrote: “I feel like it will give me a dopamine rush.

Best water slide omgSomeone else said excitedly.

But to the dismay of some fans, the player who posted this video has not yet shared his build method.

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