Where Heart Leads Us – Coming July 13th on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

Where the heart leads, A surreal narrative journey through the past of an AAA veteran Studio shieldIt was revealed a few moments ago during PlayStation Indie Day, and it will be released on Tuesday, July 13, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility. The physical copy is released on the same day as a courtesy Birb games Chest.

When husband and father Witt Anderson descend into a ditch to save the family dog, he unknowingly plunges into a journey through time. Suddenly, he is enveloped with visions of his past, present and future, and discovers that he can change them and change the course of his life forever.

With thousands of options and dozens of endings in a complex, thrilling, and heart-wrenching story, The Heart Leads features a 600,000-word text rivaling five novels or the greatest AAA RPGs. A step into White’s life, from childhood and adolescence, to fumbling as a young adult, to thinking about his business as an old man. Experience a full life full of decisions and their consequences.

A host of complex and memorable characters fill Wyatt’s life with love, fear, calm and anxiety. Deal with the difficult decisions made by friends, family, and other loved ones. Support your brother’s passion for the arts or push him into a traditional career. Give your partner advice or give her the space to solve her problem on her own. Witt’s choices may return him to his wife and children he left behind, to a life unlike anything he knew before, or to his own ruin.

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Proud Supported by PlayStation Indies Initiative The Heart Leads unveils a narrative rug rich in detailed, photorealistic writing style and charming watercolor graphics. Marvel at surreal landscapes reminiscent of dreams and their changing realities. Explore detailed environments to find journal entries, sentimental items, and other artifacts from Wyatt’s past. Find out if the grass is greener, if fate can change and how one life revolves around countless others.

“The lives we live are intertwined – countless invisible strings record our story,” said Todd Keeler, Director of Armature Studio. “Where a heart walks that leads into that knot, invites players to think about where they have been, where they go and what is most important, even when life is scary and the path is uncertain.”

Where The Heart Leads dreams of a different life on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility on Tuesday, July 13 for $ 24.99. A physical copy via Perp Games planned for the same day as the release. Take a look at the life of Witt and his family TwitterAnd the Instagram And the The social networking site Facebook Or visit Official Website.

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