Hardly anyone does this: a simple trick that cleans up your smartphone’s memory

Hardly anyone does this: a simple trick that cleans up your smartphone’s memory

Smartphones these days come with more memories than ever before – up to 512GB on board the more expensive flagships. But anyone who has a cheap cell phone and hasn’t inserted a memory card will quickly reach the storage capacity limits even in 2021. There are simple ways to free up additional memory – perhaps the simplest of which is the cache.

But many users seem to be unaware of this simple option. In fact, a recent poll conducted by the American Technology Gateway showed Android Authority: Nearly half of respondents have never used this option to free up phone memory. We’ll show you how to clear the cache of your apps in a few clicks and beyond that word.

Empty the cache: It’s that easy

There are various options to clear apps cache.

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Basically, caching is a useful technology – apps use it to store frequently accessed background data, such as websites. This means that this data does not need to be downloaded every time. However, a large amount of data accumulates on the smartphone over time. Browser applications like Chrome or Opera as well as social media are particularly affected and often have a cache of several GB. If you delete these from time to time, large storage space will be saved.

To clear an app’s cache, go to its info page in Settings. There you will find an entry showing how much storage the app is using. Click this. You will then see the cache size and you can clear it with one click.

If this is too cumbersome for you, you can also use a one-click solution. Many Android manufacturers provide an optimization app for their device, and there’s often a cache cleaner too. Use this to clear the cache of all installed apps.

Alternatively, you can use third-party app solutions. SD Maid is one of the most popular cleaner apps – the free Android app comes without ads and has many practical features. You can use it to track down and delete unused system files or use the paid app cleaner to check each individual app for unused files.

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