Covid-19 reprise du sport

When to resume sports after infection with Covid-19?

In these times of pandemic recovery, few are those who have escaped Covid-19 in its Delta version, or more likely Omicron, today responsible for 90% of infections in France. The issues – as well as fake news – are numerous enough for the FFME (French Mountaineering Federation) to issue a press release this week to warn of the dangers of recovering too quickly and above all too intense sports. When and how do you put your skis back on or go back into the abyss? explanations.

“There is an increased risk of developing myocarditis (damage to the heart muscle) after viral infection, particularly by Covid-19, and preferred by exercise,” the press release details. This can have serious consequences. Accordingly, the Medical Committee of the Federation of Cardiologists recalls the recommendations of the Sports Cardiologists Club for the safe return to sports after injury, in particular Rule 9 of 10 Golden Rules for the AthleteAnd Adapting to the COVID pandemic:

“I don’t do intense sports if I have a fever, neither in the eight days after a flu attack (fever + body aches) or a positive test for Covid-19, nor within 48 hours after my vaccination.”

And, of course, at the slightest symptoms: tachycardia at rest, persistent shortness of breath, severe fatigue, especially on exertion, you should consult a doctor.

So these recommendations are also valid for influenza; We will not be reminded enough of this, especially the antioxidants that supply Rumors On Vaccines and Cardiac Arrests in Athletes
After influenza vaccination, it is better not to run for 5-7 days after the injection. why ? This leads to an inflammatory reaction that can be dangerous to the heart (myocardium). Especially if a small viral reaction, at least influenza, occurs with a step. If you feel comfortable, a smooth recovery after 4 days is possible, but only at basic endurance. In other words, there is no intense effort, we run away in the next three days, only to complete the post-vaccination week without risk. Likewise, if you do catch the flu, don’t run until your symptoms are completely gone – fever, body aches, and chills. Under the influence of this effort, the virus is already likely to enter the heart muscle, and then cause arrhythmia, or even cardiac arrest. Basic rules to keep in mind.

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