Faster than the wind, Friulian wins Corsa della Porra

Faster than the wind, Friulian wins Corsa della Porra

comes from Latisana Winner of the 42km Trieste Urban Ecomarathon, one of the most demanding races in borra race 2022, the main event of the winter trail in Italy, organized by Asd SentieroUNO. Athletica 200 runner called Fabiola Giudici, already winning the Cansiglio Run in 2021, and in 3 hours 32 minutes 37 inches, it was a tough road from the center of Trieste to the Karst plateau, to reach Portopiccolo. Third place in the Trieste Marathon goes to Irene Palazzi of Pordenone, already winner of the European Master Trail in 2021.

Corsa della Pura, compiled in this seventh edition, held from January 7 to 9 More than 2000 and 200 entries By athletes from all over the world, from Germany to Eastern Europe to New Zealand. A competition featuring eight races at different distances (from 164 Hypertail) and even more diverse natural scenarios in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia.

Contests that also allow cool sympathizers to Venture into a unique experienceEven at night, among the secluded hills, the snowy stretches, the trails in the woods and the stunning views of the sea. An event that includes all the characteristics of the landscape of the territory. The 164 kilometers should have started, in particular, this year from Sella Nevia (despite the bad weather, the departure was moved to Bovec) and through several municipalities of Friuli, passing through Slovenia to the rocky coasts of Trieste, literally from the mountains to the sea . The cheese protection association of Montasio, the San Daniel Ham consortium and some companies belonging to the Via Friuli Venezia Giulia wines and flavors and/or holders of the IOSONOFVG brand supplied local products.

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Corsa della Pura is organized by Asd SentieroUNO of Trieste, sponsored by New Balance and supported by Fvg Region, Promoturismo Fvg and the municipalities participating in the event. An event in collaboration with Coni, Aics, Fidal, Trieste Atletica, Wwf and Progetto Lince.

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