When Orange advises you to throw your light bulbs in the trash

When Orange advises you to throw your light bulbs in the trash

Orange has terminated the Connected Home service. Direct result: Without an app, her lights no longer worked. The operator recommends recycling them.

It’s hard to imagine what’s worse for the environment than seeing things that worked perfectly on paper having to be thrown away because the operator has shut down the service. However, that’s what we found out in Orange this weekend.

Historical operator I finish To its Connected Home service on January 15, 2023. Live score: “ DECT–ULE objects exclusive to the Connected Home service are no longer operational since January 15, 2023“You have to throw everything away.

Recycling working light bulbs

It was a netizen who questioned Orange about the matter on Friday, October 13. On X (formerly Twitter)Orange Conseil asks about a connected bulb that no longer works since the Orange Connected Home app was discontinued. The bulb was provided by Orange.

During the conversation the operator admits: “Unfortunately, this equipment is no longer usable» accompanied by a sad face emoji. Not without a touch of shame, Orange then recommends:Drop off to a D3E (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) collection point or an Orange store for recycling» The lamps in question.

Fortunately, remember that not all connected devices marketed by Orange are affected by this situation. Things associated with big brands according to standard protocols can continue to work thanks to the support of their manufacturers: Philips Hue bulbs, D-Link camera and detector, Somfy electric shutters, Tuya connected plugs, Netatmo weather station, etc.

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Orange doesn’t take the environment seriously

For several years, like Apple, Orange has been trying to give itself an image as a more environmentally concerned operator. We weren’t really convinced when the Livebox 5 launched, and we’re even less convinced at this point.

When it comes to carbon footprint, the worst action is manufacturing a product. Therefore, it is necessary to consume it by keeping it for as long as possible. That’s why tracking updates and availability of spare parts is an important topic. “mode integration”Smart sleep“or”Energy saving» often posed in an attempt toGreenwashingis nothing compared to the concrete measures to ensure the durability of the device.

If the DECT–ULE bulbs work perfectly, is there no way for Orange to ensure their longevity by opening the source code for their application? Can’t we recommend something other than recycling the product to the end user, which would also mean purchasing a replacement bulb?

After the general rise in its prices, it seems that Orange definitely has a string of bad news for its customers.

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