Extinction II: FPS development canceled, 1.0 will never be released |  Xbox One

Extinction II: FPS development canceled, 1.0 will never be released | Xbox One

While it was originally scheduled to release in Early Access on October 20, 2022, Second Extinction was eventually delayed to an unspecified date. Today, Systemic Reaction takes the floor to announce news that will clearly not please those who have been waiting for the release of version 1.0.

The development of Extinction II has been cancelled

The studio explains that although the game is “highly regarded” by “its players,” it unfortunately has not received the success it had hoped to achieve. Unforeseen circumstances also prevented Systemic Reaction from releasing version 1.0 of Second Extinction.

Indeed, as the scheduled release date approached at the end of last year, the studio discovered critical problems that forced it to postpone the game.

Unfortunately, it became clear that our small team did not have the resources to meet our quality goals and exit Early Access. […] The investment required to achieve this was too great for us to bear.

Second Extinction will therefore be withdrawn from sale, but the servers will remain active until the end of next year to allow owners to continue eliminating dinosaurs alone or with friends. More information about this will be communicated in the future.

Although this decision may be disappointing, the studio confirms that it is not accompanied by any layoffs and that the experience gained from this adventure will be used in future productions.

Although this is not the outcome we were all hoping for, we want to assure you that this decision does not come with any layoffs. The passion, talent and skills of the team who worked on Second Extinction are being utilized in other projects within the Avalanche Studios portfolio. We ask that you show understanding and compassion toward the team members involved in the project who poured their hearts into this game, as we head toward our next adventures.

We can only hope that the studio’s upcoming projects will have a better fate. A funny ending to the game was announced at Xbox 20/20 with the aim of promoting the Xbox Series

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If you want to give it a chance before it’s no longer possible, you can get it on Xbox One, Xbox Series

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