When a physics teacher from Douai meets the world of Harry Potter

When a physics teacher from Douai meets the world of Harry Potter

Jean Esperance publishes “A short magic guide for novice wizardsThis physics and chemistry teacher at a high school in Douai is a repeat offender. Two years ago, he published a potions manual, again for apprentice magicians. This time, Readers are presented with 33 physics experiments. It took 14 months to work on presenting these spells, and they are classified according to three levels.The magician’s apprentice“,”Spell wheel” And “The powerful magician“.

Each page is presented in the same way: a list of equipment, the different stages of the spell, and a scientific explanation of the observed phenomenon. So science, but in a fun way. There is no doubt that Jean Esperance will overwhelm his reader with formulas or equations. He reserves this for his students!

A Harry Potter fan

The Professor is also a Harry Potter fan, which adds a bit of magic to his experiences. The Accio spell for the young magician, which consists of making something come to you, will be performed using a PVC pipe, a wool sweater and an empty can. These are other features of the book: Be able to conduct experiments using equipment you already have at home or can easily obtain. Jean Espérance targets a selective audience, parents with young children, Harry Potter fans, or even those curious about chemistry and physics.

A Small Guide to Magicians' Book for Beginning Magicians published by DBS
A Small Guide to Magicians’ Book for Beginning Magicians published by DBS © Radio France

A Little Guide to Magicians for Beginning Magicians, published by DBS. 17 euro 90

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