Milas.  Art-themed holidays for teens

Milas. Art-themed holidays for teens

Decorating their environment is an activity that young people appreciate.

The Milas Teen Zone started its first week of vacation with an art theme. An outing was organized to Castel where they were able to do land art, a technique that uses the framework and materials of nature with absolute respect for it. Chestnuts were also collected on this occasion.


Moreover, on Thursday, October 26, young people were able to decorate their space. Chantal Binaime, Temple Director, explains: “Today we are on a modern construction site, and they have retooled the wall of expression in the video games room using the collage technique. They started from scraps of recycled magazines to unleash their imagination with the theme they chose: planets everywhere. With the same technique, they reconsidered the cover of the pool table. We will also customize the clothing they decide on to bring withC Special paint for fabrics. It is truly an art week where they can express themselves through their creativity. These are really activities that give them pleasure and then they have less desire to do harm, they care about the place and they feel at home. It is in their image, and we did not impose anything. We want them to be as independent as possible. On the other hand, we called in Myriam, a drawing and fine art expert, who is available when needed to obtain artistic advice.

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For the next holiday, teens will deal with the kitchen by gluing pottery and mosaics.

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